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Marco De Micheli photo-500x500-pixelMarco De Micheli is Publishing Director of the PRAXIUM Fachverlag in Zurich and book author specialized in Human Resource Management.

De Micheli has previously worked in the Product Management Staff and Marketing department of various publishers, several years as Head of New Media at WEKA-Verlag in Zurich, and also gained editorial experience in HR. His work focuses on practical and implementation-oriented specialist information for HR practitioners and executives. He is also the author of three books on employee interviews and employee motivation.


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Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Recruiting and Cultural Fit: The Top 10 interview questions

The cultural fit is rarely tested in recruiting. At the same time, new employees who do not fit in with the corporate culture cause numerous problems and costs right from the start. The following interview questions help you to find exactly the right employees. Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Job Interviews for Recruiters: 7 Criteria for Top Candidates

There are interesting and insightful criteria for engaging and clever answers and behaviors in interviews that distinguish top candidates. To know them, facilitates and improves the selection criteria and, above all, helps to avoid expensive mistakes. 7 tips. Read more

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Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Employee Motivation Through Fringe Benefits: Employee Favors or Salary Replacement?

Fringe benefits are a frequent topic of discussion. After all, is it nothing more than a few well-intentioned little treats and favors that should keep employees happy or at least an effective means of motivation and employee loyalty - or even an adequate salary replacement? Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

8 Marketing Tips for Human Resource Managers: Employees as Energy Drinks?

To equate the work and thinking of marketing with HR, many staff members are reluctant. Sure, employees do not want to be marketed like energy drinks, they do not want to coddle applicants like new customers and position themselves as superstars as employers. Employees, companies, applicants and jobs are not products. Read more

Digital & New Work {HR magazine}

Digital transformation and change management in 5 steps: How to prepare your employees

The prophets of digitization are not tired of propagating the paradise of the new world of work. But this is ineffective theoretical propaganda for many employees, which rather strengthens the skepticism of digitization. This article shows how employees can be prepared for the work environment 4.0 and fears can be reduced. Read more