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Mujibor de Graaf, serial entrepreneurMujibor de Graaf is the founder of IT solutions for the exchange of knowledge. With the Viadesk intranet, founded in 1999, employees efficiently exchange documents digitally. With his experience in cloud-based knowledge transfer, he also launched the online training platform Coursepath. Thanks to its secure hosting on EU territory and its exceptional user-friendliness, the multilingual platform is currently establishing itself throughout Europe. The Dutchman commutes between the two company headquarters in Amsterdam and Cologne on a weekly basis. He and his teams have therefore fully adapted to mobile, flexible working with digital support. More information at

  • Lean Social Intranet generational exchange: 5 tips for better communication

    Well-informed employees are more motivated than others, but how do you reach the less involved people? The lean method can improve communication on the intranet and increase customer satisfaction. But some basics have to be fulfilled in order to motivate young and older employees to exchange ideas. Humans are on different frequencies How can humans relate to something Read more

  • Leadership culture changing: smart as the boss!

    Knowing, learning, having a say - employees today have long wanted more than salary and work according to regulations. 3 aspects of modern leadership culture that benefit employees and companies. What is the boss today? For our marketing communication we have a postcard with the inscription: Smarter than the boss. We are repeatedly asked about it. Smarter than the boss Read more

  • Empowerment for employees: to internal training!

    The focus of further training has changed enormously with digitization: more than individual qualifications, it is now about meaningfulness and helping to shape the company's success. Good reasons to participate here and to demand more. Further training 4.0 under the sign of networking For today's employees, further training means more than just attending individual courses and training courses. Rather, it is Read more

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    Digital knowledge exchange within the company: 5 Tips for optimal knowledge transfer

    How much knowledge lies undiscovered and undivided in the minds of qualified employees? The "knowledge is power" motto, according to which everyone prefers to keep their knowledge to themselves, was yesterday. Today teamwork is required. Do digital solutions help with knowledge transfer? Can employees transparently share their knowledge with one another without neglecting their own work? The general assumption Read more

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