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Katharina Daniels Katharina DanielsKatharina Daniels worked as a journalist and PR consultant for the Focus, manager magazin, ADAC or the German Social Accident Insurance.

The qualified lawyer was a daily newspaper editor for print and online for 14 years. As a specialist journalist and PR consultant specializing in corporate communications, she worked for Focus, manager magazin, ADAC and the German Social Accident Insurance. She conceived congresses for the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or German Society for Personnel Management and has published numerous books. Her work focuses on the health industry, medical and clinical communication, as well as in personnel development, organizational and occupational psychology and in the field of reintegration and rehabilitation strategies for employee retention. She also maintains and designs websites and company blogs such as http: /leadership-in-change.de.

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Corporate blogging as a marketing tool: increase visibility

Simone Janson says that her blog “berufebilder” brought her a lot of attention, but how does this succeed in this communication universe, in which the abundance of “voices” condenses into a large sum? Read more

Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Corporate blogging as a marketing tool: 3 cardinal error in business

When it comes to corporate blogging, you can do a lot wrong. Because how does a blog reach its readers, which one does it wish for? What kind of attention does the blog want to generate? Here is the first look at the operator of the blog. And that's where the sticking point of a corporate blog is. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

New start and restart with 40 and 50 Plus: opportunities for silverback in mid-life

Listening to the Kassandrarufen from economy and politics, the demographic change floats over us like a sword of Damocles. Our society is getting older - and the youthful offspring are missing. Or is the matter of age simply a matter of perspective? Read more

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Labor market analyzes {HR magazine}

Meticulous analysis with entertainment value: Myth of lack of skilled workers {Review}

One thing in advance: the author Martin Gaedt manages the balancing act. “Myth shortage of skilled workers” is a non-fiction and specialist book with meticulously researched numbers, data, facts. Nothing that can be proven remains unoccupied. At the same time, it reads almost as excitingly as a thriller on long stretches. In many passages, thanks to Gaedt's lively examples and his pictorial language, it is even extremely entertaining. And the circle of those who ... Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Employer branding and recruiting via social media: It all depends on the corporate culture

There are many, highly interesting researches on company cultures that describe a company's self-understanding. These self-perceptions are also reflected in the company as a whole, that is, as an image of the mood of all the actors who work in this company, from the board to the worker on the assembly line. Read more

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Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Employer Branding and Recruiting via Social Media: Applicant search on the net - right or harmful?

What influence do social media have on companies and the selection of applicants? The answers to these questions open up the perspective of a deeply elementary question: When are companies actually ready for this type of applicant search? And when does it even harm the company? Read more

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