Here writes: Oliver Krone

Best of HR –®Dr. Oliver Krone, an MBA in International Business Management, is an international expert in knowledge integration.Dr. Oliver Krone has been working at the interface between natural / engineering and social / human sciences for around 20 years. With an MBA (International Business Management, Furtwangen University) he developed his personal hobby of knowledge integration and has been expanding it operationally and theoretically ever since. He developed the application-oriented theory through a doctorate at the University of Lapland / Finland over three years. From there he ventured into the broad field of “empirical language relativism” and is particularly interested in the question of the influence of language on the thinking of individuals in projects and social relationships.

To date, Oliver Krone has mainly published in English-language specialist newspapers and books or lectured at English-language conferences. His publications include “Norms and Knowledge Sharing - Problems of multidisplinary project cooperation (Anale Universit II Bucuresti 2008)”, “Knowledge integration for the preparation of an interdisciplinary cooperation (Munich 2008)”, “The Interaction of Organizational Structure and Humans in Knowledge Integration ( University of Lapland Press Rovaniemi 2007) ”and“ Knowledge Integration for Enterprise Resources Planning Application Design Knowledge and Process Management. (together with J.Stenvall and A. Syväjärvi, 2009, 1, 1-12) ”.

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