Here writes: Marie-France & Emmanuel Ballet de Coquereaumont

Best of HR –®Marie-France and Emmanuel Ballet de Coquereaumont are psychotherapists. They are recognized specialists on the subject of "inner child" in the style of the work of Alice Miller and John Bradshaw, influenced by Carl Gustav Jung. They also give lectures and train therapists.

  • Letting go of fear & living freely: checklists & self-assessment

    How can one overcome fear and fear that many face daily in the face of media reports and the uncertainties of life? Using Words to Express Your Fear Experience The first step in overcoming fear, anxiety, or stress is to determine the nature of these responses. Before investigating the causes, it is important to experience the fear Read more

  • Understanding and Overcoming Fears: Psychology of Fear

    Every second person suffers from excessive anxiety. Fear is a central emotion. It works like an alarm system that emanates from the limbic system or emotional brain. What can you do about it? How does fear arise in the brain? There is a real cerebral cycle of fear. First, the senses alert the amygdala (the "almond kernel"), the seat of the unconscious Read more

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