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Natalie Schnack schnackNatalie Schnack is an industrial engineer and visibility coach.

It supports the self-employed and employees in getting out of camouflage and showing the world what they are made of. Her first book “30 Minutes of Self-Assertion” was published in August 2013.

Previously, the graduate industrial engineer (FH) worked for more than ten years in one of the largest media companies in Europe, most recently as a project manager for customer orientation. Her career is anything but taken for granted: born in Kazakhstan she had to start small as a child of German immigrants and make her way.


Latest posts

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Assess your own strengths and weaknesses: convince others with self-sabotage?

If you are not convinced of your achievements, you can not convince others - for example in salary negotiations, presentations, meetings. What can you do against this form of self-sabotage? Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Get more respect: your standing

“To assert oneself” means to stand, to preserve, to preserve, to withstand, to endure… That means: do not let yourself be confused, do not be “shaken” by the behavior of others and do not be tempted to treat yourself and others with respect to give up. In short: self-assertion is about standing and respect! Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Get more respect: Communicate at eye level

Status is mobile. Depending on the situation, the situation and the situation, we all feel at times high and sometimes low. However, communication at eye level is only possible if there is little difference in status between the communication partners. Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Get more respect: dominance or adjustment?

Status is nothing stable. In every encounter, he is always renegotiated, even with people we have known forever. The exciting thing about the status is that this assignment runs unconsciously. Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Get more respect: negotiate status!

"I finally want to be taken seriously!" Many people say to themselves who want to clearly and clearly represent their interests in their professional and private lives. But how do you do that without becoming a ruthless asshole? Read more