Here writes: Peter Brandl

Peter Brandl_DSC9487Peter Brandl is a professional pilot, management consultant and keynote speaker. Born on February 15, 1968 in Jena, Peter Brandl moved to Schweinfurt with his parents in 1981. He studied social pedagogy and founded his first sales company at the age of 18. At first only to finance his hobby of flying, which eventually led to the acquisition of the airline pilot's license. At the same time, he discovered his talent for successfully and entertainingly imparting knowledge in training courses and seminars. In 1993 he got his first permanent engagement as a lecturer and trainer in the vocational training center of the Bavarian employers (BFZ). For more than ten years he has been training airline crews in Crew Resource Management (CRM) on a regular basis. With over 3.000 event days in 13 countries and on three continents, Peter Brandl is one of the most sought-after successful coaches as “The Pilot”. Companies such as Airbus, Audi, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, IBM or Siemens rely on his expertise. Peter Brandl lives in Lindau on Lake Constance and Berlin. He is the author of several successful career books (including Hudson River - The Art of Making Difficult Decisions, Gabal).

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