Here writes: Oliver Bartels

Oliver_Bartels_swOliver Bartels is a trainer and consultant. After studying law (focus on labor law) in Frankfurt am Main and Erlangen and extensive further training, he worked for many years as a personnel manager in various international service and trading companies. Here he was able to gain experience in particular in the management and development of teams, in coaching in conflict situations and in negotiating with employee representatives. He is (co-) author of several specialist articles and three books.

  • Learning to coach: The 3 central aspects of coaching

    For us, coaching is a form of support that we are literally passionate about. And please don't get us wrong: Every form of support or advice has a right to exist on this planet (especially if it helps). What is coaching? There are innumerable definitions of coaching. Should you come across contradicting approaches, be surprised Read more

  • What can coaching do: In the client's head

    Figuratively speaking, coaching is not a navigation device or GPS that dictates directions and changes of path. But coaching enables the client to define direction and change of path himself. What are the differences? People with mental illnesses or other impairments of the ability to control themselves1 (actually) belong exclusively in the hands of appropriately trained therapists (and of course psychotherapy patients still have the ability to control themselves!). and Read more

  • What is good coaching? Everyone can coach!

    Coaching as we understand it today has reached a deep maturity. It is no longer comparable to the "toolbox-like" technique of the past, which was accessed through "repairing". A look into the crystal ball With coaching, repairs were always made where a deficit had arisen and where someone had made mistakes or failed. and Read more

  • Systemic coaching: helping people to help themselves

    How can systemic coaching help you to get a better grip on your life, your everyday life and your job? And how can it help people to help themselves? Coaching in the variety of perspectives In countless conversations with coaches and clients, we exchanged views on the multi-layered advantages of the coaching process and the associated coaching attitude. Coaching experiences are mostly in Read more

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