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Karin Beutelschmidt karin-bagschmidtKarin Beutelschmidt is the founder of the School of Facilitating and the divida Foundation.

Beutelschmidt studied German literature, journalism and sociology and gained an additional qualification in business administration for medium-sized companies. She is managing director of Ökotopia GmbH and supervisory board member of Oktoberdruck AG as well as founding founder and managing director of the divida foundation. Since 2002 she is self-employed as Trainer, Coach and Facilitator and founder of the School of Facilitating. Together with Renate Franke, Markus Püttmann and Barbara Zuber she has the book "Facilitating Change. More than Change Management ".


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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Facilitating Change: Between stimulus and reaction

The Facilitator creates space for experience and thus increases the awareness We want to enable people to experience their own diversity and that of the group. They should get involved, be touched and surprised, be confused by what they encounter. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Facilitating Change: 2 X 7 basic assumptions in Facilitating

The actions of the facilitator take place out of his inner attitude, characterized by his personality, his experiences, and the intuition that comes from it. Thus each facilitator acts differently, as every project, every process, every change is different. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

More than change management: change schedule [+ checklist]

Maybe you know the movie "The Monkey Business Illusion" by Daniel J. Simons: Two teams play ball, one team is white, the other black. The task is to count the ball team of the white team and to be surprised ... The film is a nice introduction and is a good metaphor for the blind spots. Read more

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

More than change management: influences in the change process

External factors: The classical external sources include decisions in politics, drastic developments on the stock market, changes in the law, or simply the influences that are not triggered by human hands, but by the environment and nature. These are all well-known and reliably recurrent factor topics. Read more

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