Here writes: Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter

Best of HR –®Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter have been consultants in top management for 20 years; Dorothea Assig, expert for outstanding careers, and Dorothee Echter, Topmanagement.Wissen.weltweit, have specialized in advising top management worldwide for over two decades. They lead outstanding management personalities with their organizations and companies to a sustainable reputation. With their ambition management theory, they ensure that top management offers direct and effective orientation and initiates leaps in success.

  • This is how great careers succeed: 5 dynamics you should know

    Great careers in top management often emerge according to a very specific dynamic. What do successful people do differently? 5 mechanisms for success in work and life. How do great careers come about? The decisive factor for great careers in leading positions in our society is often not talent and skills, but one's own ambitions. The pattern of how great careers emerge is yourself Read more

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