Here writes: Katja Andes

katja-andes Katja Andes, born in 1985, was a consultant at Siemens and co-founder and coach at ideacamp. Andes started a “classic” path at the age of 19: a dual degree in business administration in cooperation with Siemens. There she started her professional life at the age of 22 in an internal consultancy. After two years of full-time job, she decided to reduce her consulting job to part-time and complete a master's in management. During her studies at the University of Mannheim and Aalto University in Helsinki, she came more and more into contact with the topic of entrepreneurship and self-employment as a possible option for a corporate career. In 2012 she quit her job as a consultant in order to concentrate fully on her independent work.Since 2011, together with her 3 co-founders from Ideacamp, she has been helping other founders to avoid typical mistakes and to test an idea quickly and with little money. She also works as a freelancer and supports technology transfers from research institutes in the marketing of patents. In spring 2013 she decided to make her passion for location-independent work accessible to others and organizes 1-2 week events under the name Sunny Office for founders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative people who like to work with like-minded people in beautiful, sunny places want. More information at and

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