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Katja Andes katja-andes Katja Andes, born 1985, was a consultant at Siemens and co-founder and coach at ideacamp.

Andes started a "classic" way with 19 years: a dual study of business administration in cooperation with Siemens. There she started her professional life with 22 in an internal consultation. After two years full-time job, she decided to reduce her consultant job to part-time and complete a Masters in Management. While studying at the University of Mannheim and at the Aalto University in Helsinki, she increasingly came into contact with entrepreneurship and self-employment as a possible option for the corporate career. 2012 quit your job as a consultant to fully concentrate on your independent work.

Since 2011, she and her 3 co-founders from the Ideacamp have been helping other founders to avoid typical mistakes and test an idea quickly and with little money. She also works as a freelancer and supports technology transfers from research institutes in the marketing of patents. In Spring 2013, she decided to share her passion for location-independent work with others and organizes weekly events for founders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives, working together with like-minded people in beautiful, sunny locations, under the name Sunny Office 1-2 would like.


http://www.ideacamp.de and http://www.sunny-office.com

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Digital & New Work {HR magazine}

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