Florian Vollmers

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Florian Vollmers florian-vollmersFlorian Vollmers is a freelance journalist for FAZ or Handelsblatt.

He studied theater, film and media studies, sociology and Scandinavian studies in Frankfurt am Main, Paris and Aarhus (Denmark). Since 2001 he has been writing as a freelance journalist on economic and cultural topics for various print and online media - among other things, his work has been published in the FAZ, in the Handelsblatt, in Hamburg, Weser-Kurier and in the Lebensmittelzeitung. Vollmers works as a book author for Campus Verlag, most recently the guide "Cape Town instead of Karstadt" was published. Florian Vollmers has done press and public relations work for numerous film festivals, including the International Film Festival Emden-Norderney, the Nordic Film Days Lübeck and the Independent Film Festival Osnabrück. He is an editor and author for customer and member magazines such as DJV-Nordspitze, FMB-Rundbrief or the national circular of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen. Vollmers teaches cultural management at Bremen University of Applied Sciences and has participated in various festival juries, including the Stockholm Film Festival and go East - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film. He is a board member of the Lower Saxony Film and Media Office and a member of the German Association of Journalists and the Association of German Film Critics. Florian Vollmers has been a jury member of the German Film and Media Review FBW since 2012.

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