Here writes: Michael Vaupel

Michael Vaupel, graduate economist and historian (MA), thoroughbred stock exchange trader. After completing his studies, internship and managing editor and analyst of various stock market letters (emerging markets, internet, derivatives, raw materials). He is a sought-after interview and chat partner (N24, CortalConsors). Ethically correct investing is important to him. His focus is on the economic analysis of certain markets and the presentation of the implementation options of the knowledge gained. He therefore buys “markets” - for example with certificates - less individual stocks.

  • Earn more money with raw materials: benefit from gold, silver, coffee, sugar

    Raw materials are a scarce commodity. They are not available indefinitely and also cannot be increased at will. How can you make money with them? Cell phone manufacturers with gold mines? Back in 2012 I came across a piece of news that received little attention: the South Korean electronics giant Samsung signed a "memorandum of understanding" with a gold producer named Cluff Gold. The goal is a long-term one Read more

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