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Kathrin SohstKathrin Sohst is an ambassador for high sensitivity, PR consultant and book author. Kathrin Sohst advises highly sensitive people and organizes information and networking evenings, round tables, workshops, seminars and lectures. At the same time, she writes for business and magazines and is passionate about photography. She has been working independently in business since 2005. Your motivation: "I want to empower sensitive people, raise awareness of nature and sustainability, legalize sensitivity and make appreciation the standard." In the spring of 2016, her first book “Delicate in taking” was published by GABAL. More information at

  • High sensitivity at work: Work-life-balance for tender-strong performers

    The realization of being highly sensitive can be a huge milestone for people who have felt differently and perceived more differently since childhood. Suddenly there are answers to unanswered questions and life can be reevaluated. Clear the way for highly sensitive potential! Insight: High sensitivity as an opportunity Highly sensitive, gifted, autistic and Co.? What is all of this rum categorizing? Read more

  • High sensitivity at work: Meaningful meetings and small talk with depth

    "What is all this theater about?" This is the standard question from highly sensitive people when it comes to meeting culture in business and small talk in the usual, superficial sense. Find out why highly sensitive people have what it takes to be a “wise advisor” and how small talk can be enriched with a little depth. On the sense and nonsense of self-adulation Read more

  • Highly sensitive at work: High Sensitive Leadership

    Opinions on leadership differ widely and the budget pie for leadership development is shared by more and more trainers and speakers. But what is good leadership anyway? And how can highly sensitive managers use their gifts sensibly? A conversation on the subject of high sensitivity and leadership Highly sensitive executives, do they even exist? Yeah yeah And there are even Read more

  • High sensitivity at work: solve problems with vision

    Do you like to look at things from a different perspective and tend to think “outside the box”? Find out why this ability can be a sign of high sensitivity - and how you can make the best possible use of this gift in your job. High sensitivity favors creativity Highly sensitive people perceive more and more differentiated and process what they do more deeply Read more

  • Highly sensitive at work: open-plan office - a power killer?

    Constantly ringing telephones, buzzing voices and sensory overload: Working in an open-plan office is often like a battlefield. Find out how highly sensitive people can successfully master typical everyday challenges. Modern Cavemen People used to live in caves. And today? We also live in caves. Except that they are now called houses. And we live there because we Read more

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