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Petra Schächtele-Philipp schaechtlePetra Schächtele-Philipp is a trainer and rhetorician.

Schächtele-Philipp studied computer science and then rhetoric and sociology. Among other things, she is a licensed HDI trainer and wingwave coach. She worked as a head trainer at Integrata AG before starting her own business as a management trainer. Your customers include Audi-AG, Bosch, Daimler or Böhringer. Together with the communication trainer and coach Peter Kensok, she wrote the book “Einfach Schlagvoll”. She lives in Stuttgart.

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Style & effect {Work & life}

Challenging First Aid: Turn off the Answer Reflex

But why do we always have to react to attacks? Because people open questions usually barely endure. But we can override this response reflex. Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Swiftness First Aid: Your mental protective shield against attacks

If ignoring does not help, you should be aware of what exactly bothers you about the situation - and do something about it. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Methods for more quick-wittedness: setting clear limits

There is only one way to deal with imprudence or insults: Set limits, immediately! An offense is a violation of personal honor. - Who, however, establishes where an insolence ceases and an offense begins? Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Swiftness through communication with questions and counter questions: As in the Space Zoo

The question as a rhetorical form has been called the "queen of rhetoric" since the philosophers of classical antiquity. True masters were not the ones who could answer but those who asked grandly and made an answer almost impossible. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Communicate instantly like Mr. Spock: The main thing is nebulous!

You get an unfair question asked? Who actually forces you to respond? Who exactly expects you to actually fall into the trap that your opponent has just asked you? Read more

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