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91Anita Hermann-Ruess is a rhetoric and communication expert and lecturer at various universities. Anita Hermann-Ruess (MA). She studied rhetoric at the University of Tübingen, is the author of several books on effective presentation and captivating rhetoric and a lecturer at universities and technical colleges. The company she runs, Hermann-Ruess und Partner, advises companies and organizations on all questions of convincing business communication, from the right words to the choice of the right communication channels, which are playing an increasingly important role today. More information at

  • The art of rhetoric with concise metaphors: communication with style

    How do you make a speech really good? Which stylistic devices help to attract the audience's attention? This is about the perfect stylistic device par excellence: concise metaphors. The perfect stylistic device: Concise metaphors Many of us have already learned that at school: the spice lies in brevity. But also: Metaphors make speeches clearer. As Read more

  • The perfect speech: Action Baby!

    How can you catch and keep the attention of your audience while giving a speech? There are also a number of stylistic devices that ensure action. we introduce them to you. The old contrast between good and bad! You actually already know that, because every action film masters this stylistic device perfectly: the contrast, also called the antithesis in technical jargon Read more

  • Perfect communication strategy: save time with structured talking!

    Most people tend to be short of time. Even if you don't gather to listen to your talk or presentation. Therefore: Save your audience time and intellectual work with a well-structured speech. Why lectures should be well structured You know it yourself: You sit in a lecture, but the thoughts Read more

  • Reinforce messages with the power of rhetoric: Listen to me!

    Lecturing and presenting well in order to be heard is an important part of everyday working life for many people. But there are big differences between talking and actually being heard. How does your own message actually get across? Presentations and lectures: It's all about the effect Not every speech, every presentation or every lecture actually works Read more

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