Here writes: Nadja Raslan

nadjaraslanNadja Raslan is the managing director of RaslanTraining - Systemic Personal Development. After several years of management experience in a Munich consulting company, she has been working as a freelance consultant and trainer since 1997. She studied business administration with a focus on human resources, work and organizational psychology as well as taxes / auditing. She is a systemic coach and couple / family therapist. As a teaching trainer, she trains business coaches. Her core competencies are in the areas of leadership, communication, conflict and team. Together with the systemic consultant, trainer and coach Franz Hölzl, she has published several books, including “From now on leadership”.

  • Good decision-making for executives: With intuition & understanding

    In your day-to-day management life you will repeatedly experience situations that, on the one hand, do not leave you time for detailed analyzes, but, on the other hand, demand a quick and clear decision. What helps them: Use intuition and reason. Use your intuition Use the signals of your subconscious - your intuition - to make good and correct decisions. She feeds on [...] Read more

  • Learn how to decide: problem solving in 5 steps

    You will get good decisions if you proceed in a targeted and comprehensible manner. Even if it later turns out that there would have been a better decision: This way you can understand and justify the decision-making process. 1. What should be decided? Often we start without knowing exactly where we are going. Take the time to be clear about [...] Read more

  • Decide correctly: Aussitzer or Macher?

    Regardless of whether it's professional or private: Life constantly demands decisions from us. This is often difficult because every decision involves risks and the exact consequences cannot be foreseen. The decision-makers' dilemma For managers, making decisions is the most important task. That is why they are often called decision-makers. But often deciding also means taking risks [...] Read more