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Sylvana Pollehn 54Sylvana Pollehn is manager of a restaurant with 40 employees.

Sylvana Pollehn is not a coach or a coach. Her career began at McDonald's in the kitchen. Today she is a manager and successfully runs a restaurant with 40 employees. Your concern: People - from gastronomy, trade and many other industries - to facilitate the practical start of a career and everyday work. She has her experience in the book "Here I am the boss! Together for success "written down.


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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Employee loyalty with goal-oriented communication: 4 X 3 Tips for optimal feedback

Many people, and bosses believe: The louder they say something, the better they will be understood. This can be up to choleric seizures in some people. But now hand on heart: unpredictable, screaming, wild - so you certainly shy every employee! But does he understand you correctly? Read more

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Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Employee loyalty with goal-oriented communication: 2 X 4 Tips for more clear text!

Communication is also invaluable for employer branding: many bosses talk and talk, but do they also say something? Do your employees always understand them? No! Why is that? Because they often express themselves rather blurry than to say clearly what is meant. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leading from below and Positive thinking: The power of change

"It would be great if they also enforce what they set out to do this time," Tommy and Ulli complain after a meeting with the management. Tommy says, "You do not believe that yourself. They just talk and talk - it does not matter anyway. "Ulli says," That's up to us, too. "" At us, "taunts Tommy," why? WE… Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Motivate teams and employees efficiently: Respect Attention and praise as a corporate philosophy

You as a boss have an idea, a plan. How you want to achieve something, you know exactly. Now all you have to do is tell your team and off you go, right? Unfortunately it is not that easy. For good ideas to grow, you need to get your employees on board! And this is only possible with respect and respect - ... Read more

Career & Curriculum {HR magazine}

Employer Branding Storytelling and Hero Journey: From Trainee to Manager

Storytelling and Candidate Experience are buzzwords of the current personnel marketing. But how does it look in practice from the point of view of employees when applicants embark on their very own heroic journey with a company? A report from the trainee application to the management. Read more

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