Here writes: Mario Neumann

Mario NeumannMario Neumann worked for Hewlett Packard for 15 years and today advises companies such as SAP and Microsoft. Mario Neumann has worked for a global IT group for many years as an expert in project management. As an author he has worked with “Projektafari. The manual for sovereign project management ”written a standard work on the subject of projects. His latest book“ Adventure Leadership. The survival guide for the first managerial job ”is aimed at young managers. It deals with the dangers that threaten adventure management in the first few months and how to counter them successfully. With his Talent Academy, Mario Neumann won the German Advanced Training and Innovation Award and twice the International German Training Award in bronze.

  • Career in Management - 10 Leadership: Can I (already) boss?

    Sometimes the chance of your first managerial job comes faster than expected. But some candidates would do well not to take action without thinking. Because those who are not ready yet and fail are more likely to damage their career than to give it a boost. Caution: treacherous leadership plaster Of course, the new challenge is tempting. Ultimately, there are greater design options, exciting new areas of responsibility and, Read more

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