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cristina_murderlakCristina Muderlak Head of the DIALOG - Coaching and Voice Institute. Murderlak is a recognized speech therapist, coach for voice and communication (Hephaistos; recognized by DBVC), psychological organizational consultant (Hephaistos). She is a founding member of the Hephaistos coaching network and of the international voice trainer network of Since 1992 she has been self-employed in Munich and head of the DIALOG Institute - Coaching and Voice. More information at

  • How women in leadership fail: female versus male solidarity

    In addition to the attitude just described that one should see performance, there is another relevant reason for the female “bite inhibition” to “excel” with performance: female solidarity. Female solidarity My daughter Felicitas, a communicative cheerful person, has no problem asserting herself in the family context of the four sisters. She proudly reported to me the other day that her Read more

  • How Women in Leadership Fail: Away with the Little Girl Scheme

    Women often make a mistake: Too little marketing on their own behalf. Result: They are not recognizable enough from their surroundings. What can women do to present themselves more recognizable in their new job? “Recognize” comes from “know” Caroline, manager in marketing for an industrial company and main breadwinner of her family, was with me in coaching Read more

  • How women in leadership fail: Do good and talk about it

    Performance is about how women and men bring their success “to the man” or “to the woman”. That is what sets them apart from men. Men talk about their competencies It is not uncommon for men to talk about their competencies and demand appropriate recognition as a matter of course. In any case, I know a lot more Read more

  • How women in leadership fail: unconscious patterns of behavior

    The gender dialogue is not about a competition, not about a 'right' one, but about successful cooperation! The essential basis for this is respect for one another - regardless of gender. In the interaction between women and men, this respect must keep in mind that women and men are not the same, but absolutely equal. The "glass ceiling" Read more

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