Birgitt E. Morrien

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Birgitt E. Morrien 86Birgitt E. Morrien is a senior coach and PR consultant for leading companies in the media and communications industry.

Birgitt Elisabeth Morrien (* 1959) grew up in Münsterland before she started her studies. After first semesters in Germany, curiosity for more led her to the United States. She left Boston University as a “Master of Science in Mass Communications”. Subsequently, she acquired her know-how as a PR consultant at the training academy of the Institute of German Business (FAW) in Cologne. In addition to her professional career, Morrien also qualified in the fields of management supervision and coaching. With DreamGuidance, Morrien finally presented her own holistic coaching concept, which she has been using since 1995 in her own consulting practice COP - Coaching • Organization • Public Relations. Birgitt E. Morrien works primarily on behalf of leading companies in the media and communication industry and cooperates with selected consulting companies. Her clients also include public institutions. In addition to advising, Senior Coach Morrien also works as an author, lecturer and specialist journalist.

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