Prof. Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern

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Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern 82Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern is a behavioral scientist and evolutionary psychologist.

As an expert in Mental Strength, Personality Development, Motivation and Stress Management, he has been advising, coaching and training specialists and executives, politicians, entrepreneurs and professional athletes for over ten years. In addition, he has been a lecturer at renowned universities of applied sciences for many years. His methods are scientifically proven and can be immediately converted to 100 percent.


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Health & Feelgood {Work & life}

Positive Stress: 7 Tips for Concentrated Work

We dream of a life without stress and with a lot of relaxation. But is that desirable? Concentrating stress, in which we feel like doing our job, is quite positive. 7 tips on how to do that. Read more

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Style & effect {Work & life}

Afraid of selling? 7 science tips

Many sellers prefer to see themselves as experts or technicians in sales rather than shouting salespeople. Your task: Consulting and development of solutions! Kaltakquise, brr, no, on the other hand feel that many sales experts as intrusive. And yet they are expected to actively sell. 7 tips from behavioral researchers. Read more

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Health & Feelgood {Work & life}

Serenity as a life motto: Relax every day

So we can only be as calm as our history of neuronal brain learning allows. Because the complex world keeps providing us with new surprises, we will only be able to practice ourselves in serenity all our lives. Read more

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Health & Feelgood {Work & life}

Serenity as a motto of life: the power of concentration

Many people associate with concentration a state that they must abdicate. Quickly recall memories of the school days, where we have tried with a lot of strength to concentrate on boring things. But it's easier. Read more

Health & Feelgood {Work & life}

Serenity as a life motto: Neurobiology - what happens in the brain?

Relax, be calm, no stress - that's easy to say. But what are the neurobiological foundations of serenity? What happens in our head and body when we are supposed to relax and can not? Read more

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