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Tanya Merken's tanjaTanja Merkens is an expert at arbeitszeugnis-bewerte.de

Tanja Merkens holds a master degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Hamburg and since 2006 she has been an evaluator for employment certificates at arbeitszeugnis-bewerte.de (a product of PMSG Personalmarkt Services GmbH). In addition, she is an expert in recruiting issues and advises employees on successful application processes. As a portal manager for salary comparison http://gehalt.de she is also responsible for the content of the website.

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Labor market analyzes {HR magazine}

{Study} Starting salaries in human resources 2016: What do young recruiters earn?

For many, the HR department is a long-term goal. For others, employment in human resources only arises during the course of study or after a few years in the job. Compensation Partner has determined the entry-level salaries for the “Human Resources” field. Read more

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The secret code in the work certificate: What was the salary?

Does one have to be a compensation and benefit expert to be able to extract a salary range from work certificates? No, because with the necessary expertise, even an exact house number can be mentioned. Read more

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Leadership Manual: 6 Tips for Managers

The basic structure of a general certificate also applies to management products, but there are two essential conditions which must be met in order to give an appropriate impression. Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

5 cons of more responsibility, career and salary: dead end carriage

Promotion and career bring more money? We analyzed the salary data of selected occupational groups for you, which clarify from the employee as well as the personnel perspective: not always more responsibility must be an advantage. Read more

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Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

4 truths about job references: job hunting without secret codes

The German witness practice is an absolute curiosity in the global workplace: the performance of a worker is assessed in a rigid form by means of antiquated language, which has not changed significantly in 50 years. That needs to change! Read more

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