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Tanja rememberTanja Merkens is an appraiser at Tanja Merkens completed her Masters in Human Resource Management at the University of Hamburg and has been an appraiser for job references at (a product of PMSG Personalmarkt Services GmbH) since 2006. In addition, she is an expert on topics related to recruiting and advises employees on a successful application process. As the portal manager for the salary comparison, she is also responsible for the content of the website.

  • {Study} Equal pay between men and women: wage gap Greater than expected!

    Women receive less salary than men. A recent survey by Compensation Partner's compensation analysts shows how much less. But there are also small exceptions. What does the new law on the transparency of pay structures mean? After International Women's Day and equal pay day, the issue of gender wage inequality is once again on everyone's lips. On the 31st Read more

  • {Study} Starting salaries in human resources 2016: What do young recruiters earn?

    For many, the HR department is a long-term goal. For others, employment in human resources only arises during the course of their studies or after a few years in the job. Compensation Partner has determined the starting salaries for the field of “Human Resources”. Academic career starters in human resources management In addition to the starting salaries, we also looked at the Read more

  • The secret code in the work certificate: What was the salary?

    Do you have to be a compensation and benefit expert to be able to read a salary range from job references? No, because with the necessary specialist knowledge you can even name an exact house number. The qualified job reference A qualified job reference is a document that provides information about the position and the information about the position as well as the completeness Read more

  • Leadership Manual: 6 Tips for Managers

    The basic structure of a general certificate also applies to executive certificates, but there are two essential conditions that must be met in order to create a reasonable impression. 6 tips for specialists and executives If you want to change your employer, you should have a current interim reference or receive a qualified job reference after leaving the company, the future supervisor an impression of the job, Read more

  • 5 cons of more responsibility, career and salary: dead end carriage

    Promotion and career make more money? We have analyzed the salary data of selected occupational groups for you, which make it clear from an employee and personnel perspective: more responsibility does not always have to be an advantage. More job satisfaction through a higher salary? Job satisfaction and motivation are mostly related to the amount of the salary and the appreciation experienced in everyday life by superiors and colleagues Read more

  • 4 truths about job references: job hunting without secret codes

    German testimony practice is an absolute curiosity in the global world of work: the performance of an employee is assessed in a rigid form using antiquated language that has not changed significantly in 50 years. That needs to change! Dusty and superfluous Dusty on the one hand, superfluous on the other, because many HR departments issue certificates of convenience, like that Read more

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