Here writes: Dr. Regina Mahlmann

88Dr. As a coach and consultant, Regina Mahlmann is a sparring partner for the top management.Dr. Regina Mahlmann, holds a PhD in sociology and philosopher and has been active in teaching and research for many years. Today she works as a coach, consultant and speaker in and for companies - as a sparring partner for top management and as an initiator and companion of groups, especially in changing and therefore tense phases of a company. Her main areas of work are constructivism, systems theory, social psychology, humanistic psychology, philosophy of life, communication, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and neurosciences.

  • Manager bullying: bosses caught in the stigmatization trap

    Bosses are often branded as alpha animals and narcissists, whose supposed strengths quickly turn into interpersonal weaknesses. At the same time, these properties also have their constructive aspects, which are far too seldom taken into account. Socially incompetent alpha males? Again and again one reads in the media of psychopathic bosses who exploit their socially incompetent employees. This stigma remains pronounced Read more

  • Boss bashing and managerial malice and psychological terror: envy or rivets?

    Managers are only too happy to be insulted in Germany - because of excessive salaries, layoffs and wrong decisions. The latest example is the expulsion of VW boss Matthias Müller. But are you really that bad, or are you just being talked badly? This is how boss bashing works The media coverage of Matthias Müller's expulsion from VW was great. You have to him Read more

  • Important rules for executives: learn to be boss - 10 bids

    Can you boss? The most sensible answer is: "Depends on it." Of expectations, especially on the part of the employees. Of readiness, especially of the leaders. Of role definitions that list entitlements, expectations, rights and obligations. Changing executive roles Role definitions are subject to historical changes. Provided with a traditional core (conventions), zeitgeist phenomena flow into them. That keeps them agile. she spiegeln values Read more

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