Here writes: Marie-Luise Mähler

70Marie-Luise Mähler worked at MTV or in the press department of the German Embassy in Brussels. Marie-Luise Mähler completed an editorial traineeship at MTV and then studied Romance and English at the University of Potsdam. She was employed in the press department of the German Embassy in Brussels and continued to expand her multilingualism. Then she worked for a large temporary employment agency as an inter-company PR employee in a wide variety of industries. She speaks five languages.

  • Women, Mothers, Children and Careers in Germany: Flexibility has limits

    While numerous EU countries are recording a renewed increase in the birth rate, Germany remains at the bottom of the list in a global comparison with one of the highest proportions of permanently childless women. What are the reasons? Educational level often decisive for family planning In addition to the general tendency towards isolation in society, the level of educational attainment, professional breaks in the curriculum vitae as well as personal demands on the role of parents as Read more

  • BIO | Sustainable feminine hygiene: online business with an eco heart

    With the brand Lunapads, Britta Wein is countering a colorfully designed, ecological, reusable variant of the sterile white disposable sanitary napkin in her online shop. The brand builder combines her 15 years of expertise in layout printing for a beverage giant with her eco-consciousness. Specialization in packaging layout After her training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, Britta Wein switched to graphics and specialized in Read more

  • Anonymous applications: vehicle for integration and emancipation?

    A pilot project on the anonymized application process by the anti-discrimination office, the Institute for the Future of Work and Viadrina University shows: In many cases, this recruiting measure has been presented as an important means for more equal opportunities for women and migrants. But how helpful are they really? 246 “problem cases” got a job At the press conference, the head of the anti-discrimination office Christine Lüders was satisfied with the Read more

  • Experience report Career Entry for Humanities: Temporary Employment - Opportunity or Risk?

    It was not easy for me to start my career as a humanities scholar - even though I already completed my studies before my studies and also spent some time abroad in Paris. At the moment I'm working with temporary work, which I currently perceive as an opportunity rather than a risk. How do you see temporary work? What experiences have you done? Read more

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