Here writes: Henryk Lüderitz

LuederitzHenryk Lüderitz was, among other things, a young manager at Vodafone and is now a freelance trainer. Lüderitz began his career with a boss who was considered a scare for apprentices. This was followed by a high school diploma, a degree in business administration at a private university and, at the same time, starting a career at Mannesmann Mobilfunk. Then quickly the next border crossing: Project management for international tenders and product launches. It continued just as rapidly: Vodafone, participation in the talent program and entry as a group leader in the area of ​​customer care systems with an innovation budget of around 15 million euros per year; later responsibility for all letter communication with over 80 million letters per year. In 2012, Lüderitz deliberately left the company and since then has been self-employed as a trainer for young executives. He knows the everyday problems and expectations of high potentials from his own experience and knows how to handle them skillfully and how they can be integrated into everyday company life. Henryk Lüderitz shares his know-how in lectures, workshops and on-the-job training. More information at

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