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Henryk Lüderitz luederitzHenryk Lüderitz was among other young leaders at Vodafone and is now independent coach.

Lüderitz began his career with a boss who was considered an apprentice fright. This was followed by a graduated high school diploma, a business degree at a private university and at the same time the career entry at Mannesmann Mobilfunk. Then quickly the next border crossing: project management for international tenders and product launches. It also continued its rapid growth: Vodafone, participation in the talent program and entry as group leader in the area of ​​customer care systems with an innovation budget of around 15 million euros per year; later the responsibility for the entire mail communication with over 80 million letter mail per year. 2012 deliberately left Lüderitz and has since become self-employed as a trainer for junior lawyers. He knows the everyday problems and expectations of high potentials from his own experience and knows how to deal with them in a clever way and how they can be integrated into everyday business life. Henryk Lüderitz shares his know-how in lectures, workshops and trainings on the job.


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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Young leaders between empathy and control: how much “no” needs to be?

Monday morning and the first sentence I heard that day was "Henryk, we have a little problem!". Two of my employees had booked vacations at the same time without coordinating. How to react correctly in this situation? Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Career to plan: development goals and motivation

If you have been able to agree on rough priorities for personal development in the staff discussion with the boss, it is up to you to implement them. Define concrete goals that you want to achieve, and motivate yourself daily to drive your career forward. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Career on schedule: personal talks as a door opener

Personnel interviews and performance reviews are unusual for young professionals. Getting the opinion of the boss is not always pleasant. But if you, as a young talent, are well prepared for a dialogue with your supervisor, you can also open doors for the upcoming career path with the interview. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Career according to plan: focus and achieve goals

After the duty, the freestyle follows. This also applies to the professional career. After the often turbulent career entry, many graduates are wondering how to proceed. Rather than relying on you to make your way, your career should be better planned. Without a thread, there is a danger of becoming burned and only half the ladder ... Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Success & Management {HR magazine}

How to manage executives with anger outbursts of employees: Caution Risk of explosion!

It can always happen: the team works on the stress limit. And suddenly one loses his nerves and freaks out. How to deal with this? Overlook and tolerate? Or tackle the problem actively? Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Young executives on the stony road to respect: tips for approaching bosses

"Well, was there a coaching for you?" a former teammate asked me brazenly when we met in front of my superiors' office. I was extremely tense and about to give him my opinion. But since I had just been promoted to manager - certainly not the best tactic. Read more