Dr. Sylvia Loehken

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Dr. Sylvia Löhken 81Dr. Sylvia C. Löhken holds a doctorate in linguistics and is one of the best-known introversion experts.

After more than a decade in “Intro-Biotopes” (research, science administration, responsible position in Japan), today she is a certified coach that helps quiet people achieve their professional and private goals. She is the author of the book “Leise Menschen - strong impact. How to show presence and be heard ”and member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and in the science coaching network.



Latest posts

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Introvert, Extrovert: The small difference

Intro and extroversion are in the eyes of psychologists north and south of the personality. As a feature, it is similarly important as the difference between man and woman. What exactly does that mean? Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

2 X 5 Tips for introverts in the team: Quiet, but high

Ingo worked until a few months ago in a team in the staff department of a large German group. With another colleague, he was an intro in the midst of a distinguished extro-person in the minority. His very extroverted team leader showed him clearly that she no longer had him on the team: Ingo seemed too colorless and too passive. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Self-marketing and networks for introverts: 6 strategies for introverts

In order to feel good and be successful as a quiet person in a noisy world, the networking tips for extroverts, as they are given in many guides, will hardly help you. What you need is your very own strategy, with the help of which you can now network concretely and “quietly”. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Self-marketing and networks for introverts: Hello! Here I am!

We all live in networks of relationships, both private and professional. We know people - and people know us. All network activities are about the conscious construction and maintenance of our contacts. But introverts often have a hard time. Read more