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Ralf Koschinski Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Ralf Koschinski is Dipl.-Kaufmann, Coach & Mittelstandsberater.

He is a certified management & business coach and SME consultant. Owner of VERTRIEBSMEISTER®, Institute for Enterprise Development, and shareholder of the UMSATZMEISTER Methods Institute for Potential Development.

The technical business economist (IHK) and business graduate (FH) developed the ratiomotion® method. As a multi-certified trainer (including NLP Practitioner, INSIGHTS MDI® DISG consultant), the holder of the quality certificate of the Q-Pool 100 business trainers supports companies with technical and design-oriented products in realizing their sales goals. Most recently, he combined his know-how in sales and as a trained professional musician (trumpet, guitar, vocals) in his book “Music is in Sales”.

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