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HofertSvenja Hofert is a book author and managing director of Teamworks GTQ.Hofert is a multiple book author (including “Teambibel”, Gabal-Verlag) and has been working intensively on the topics of career and personnel development for many years. She is the owner of the career advice service career and development ( and together with Thorsten Visbal managing director of Teamworks GTQ Gesellschaft für Teamentwicklung und Qualifikation mbh. More information at 

  • Why teamwork has to fail in Germany: Do you hate collaboration?

    Teamwork has anything but a good image in Germany. But how well or badly does teamwork really work in practice? Working inefficiently is annoying! For researching my book “I hate teams! How do you survive the week with colleagues ”, which I wrote together with Thorsten Visbal, I wanted to know more precisely: We Read more

  • Why job vacancies are often sold out: jobs that nobody wants!

    When applicants look for jobs in the job boards, they are often frustrated. Despite the growing number of vacancies, the selection of really good jobs remains poor. But this is mainly due to the type of positions. Jobs you couldn't find anyone for! Most sought after are consultants who are often 100% willing to travel, 2.500 such positions Read more

  • Teamwork: 6 relevant team competencies

    The ability to work in a team is a term that everyone associates with something different: Conflict-free cooperation, for example, or leadership in a team. And the term has just been worn out by the New Work. 6 tips tell you what's really behind it. Teamwork - definition In at least every second job advertisement there is the word that nobody understands correctly. “You are a team player” or Read more

  • Internet and Application: 2 X 10 Online Reputation Tips

    Online applications are becoming more and more important and with it the importance of an applicant's online reputation. Two things count above all: Good photos - and the right network! 2 X 10 tips about it. Good photos, bad photos Ultimately, the presence on Xing and Co. is nothing more than a latent permanent advertisement. But also Xing members who are in Read more

  • Application and job search: 7 tips for non-high-flyers

    Why don't you be a high-flyer if you want to find a job in the future? Why is it great to do your own “thing”? And why does a colorful career bring more advantages? 1. Better Uschi from Herne than Ulrike from Harvard Many new jobs are being created in medium-sized companies in crisis-proof companies. But there they are Read more

  • Typology of teamwork - 5 tips: Difficult colleagues and how to deal with them!

    One of them slimes the boss, the other steals ideas and the next one sets the alarm clock at 17 p.m. sharp at the end of work. Almost every team has at least one “weird” colleague or boss. But what can you do about it? 5 types and 5 tips! 5 types of difficult colleagues There are 5 types of difficult colleagues Read more

  • Online Reputation - 5 Tips: Attention application trap Internet!

    Employers are taking a closer look at how applicants present themselves on the Internet. More than 25 percent of all companies systematically screen the candidates' personal data in social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. 1. HR professionals screen the net More than 25 percent of all companies systematically screen the candidates' personal data in social networks such as Facebook and Read more

  • {Replica} Applicants Social Media and Data Protection: 6 Career Trends for Online Applications

    Applicants are increasingly using social media and we have all long got used to the lack of data protection. 6 career trends for social media at a glance. 1. Strong positions for applicants Some applicants are in such high demand that the positive response to speculative applications is already increasing. At the same time, companies are increasingly asking who among their workforce can recommend friends for new hires Read more

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