Here writes: Matthias K. Hettl

HettlMatthias K. Hettl is an economist and advised the UN. Dipl.-Ökonom, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), was in various management positions with managerial and budget responsibility, in the management of a medium-sized company and as a consultant at the United Nations in New York. Since 1995 he has been managing director of the Hettl Consult management institute in Rohr near Nuremberg. As an executive coach, trainer and management consultant, he and his team accompany board members, managing directors and executives with a focus on leadership skills and management competencies. He has experience as a member of the supervisory board and has held a professorship for management and marketing for several years. Matthias Hettl is a book and audio book author and author of numerous specialist articles and works as an “excellent speaker” in the German-speaking area and in Europe.

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