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96Frank Heinrich, director of the Stensington Academy, was director of the European Media Academy, company spokesman for SAT1 and advisor to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. Frank Heinrich founded the Stensington International Management Academy and, as director of the European Media and Business Academy ( EMBA). Before that, he was the campus director and member of the executive committee of the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for the media, responsible for the branch in Hamburg. Before his involvement in the university sector, he was a managing partner of Viscom Int. (Luxembourg) including the Axel-Springer-Verlag, the Prime Ministers Office Luxembourg, Nickelodeon, QVC, Viacom and the ZDF. His professional positions also include: Director of Press and Public Relations as well as company spokesman in the management of SAT.1 (Berlin), editorial director of the specialist media publisher Kellerer und Partner (Ebner Group; Munich) and head of communications and program planning in the management of RTL Television (Luxembourg / Cologne). More information at

  • Young leaders: Looking for the right balance

    Yesterday a colleague with equal rights, today a superior: This is a difficult situation, especially for young managers. For different reasons. Interpersonal relationships as the greatest challenge The creation of interpersonal relationships is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges of young managers - especially in middle management. Here is loyal behavior to both one's own superiors and Read more

  • Educational location Germany: Between claim and reality

    There is a lack of space in Germany's lecture halls. This situation is not new, but it is getting worse. This presents universities with a major challenge that they do not seem to be prepared for. University pact against the educational emergency? As early as 2007, the federal government and the federal states had a university pact with regard to the dual Abitur cohorts in various federal states Read more

  • How to match skill levels and educational attainment: graduates with knowledge gaps?

    On the one hand, companies complain loudly about a shortage of skilled workers, on the other hand, universities are bursting at the seams in view of the high number of students. Skilled labor shortage and high level of education - how do they fit together? Everything was better before? Anyone who studies knows the problem: Professoren who hardly have time for consultation hours, lecturers who have the impression that Read more

  • Newspaper dying and newspaper crisis: daily paper - quo vadis?

    While magazines have only had to cope with slight losses in coverage in recent years, the daily newspaper is in an existential crisis. Newspapers with low reader loyalty Especially among young readers between 14 and 19 years of age, reader loyalty to daily newspapers has fallen sharply: The result is continuously falling circulation figures: in 1992 around 26 million daily newspapers were sold, Read more

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