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Frank Heinrich 96Frank Heinrich, head of the Stensington Academy, was, among others, director of the European Media Academy, company spokesman for SAT1 and adviser to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Frank Heinrich founded the Stensington International Management Academy and built the European Media and Business Academy (EMBA) as Academy Director. Prior to that, he was responsible for the Dependance in Hamburg as Campus Director and member of the board of the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. Prior to his involvement in higher education, he advised as Managing Partner of Viscom Int. (Luxembourg) among others the Axel Springer publishing house, the Prime Ministers Office Luxembourg, Nickelodeon, QVC, Viacom and the ZDF. His other posts include: Director Press and Public Relations as well as company spokesman in the management of SAT.1 (Berlin), editorial director of the media specialist Kellerer und Partner (Ebner Group, Munich) and head of communication and programming in the management of RTL Television (Luxembourg / Cologne).


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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Young leaders: Looking for the right balance

Yesterday still equally entitled colleague - today already superior: Especially for young executives, this is a sometimes difficult situation. Not because there is a lack of professional requirements, but because it is difficult for them to keep the balance between proximity and distance because of the lack of leadership experience. Read more

Education & Training {HR magazine}

Educational location Germany: Between claim and reality

There is a lack of space in Germany's lecture halls. This situation is not new, but it is becoming increasingly acute. In the winter semester 2012 / 2013, 2,5 had enrolled millions of students at German universities - more than ever before. Turboabitur and Doppeljahrgangs represent the universities a great challenge to which they do not seem to be prepared. Read more

Education & Training {HR magazine}

How to match skill levels and educational attainment: graduates with knowledge gaps?

On the one hand, companies complain loudly about a shortage of skilled workers, on the other hand, the universities are bursting at the seams in view of high student numbers. Skills shortage and educational high - how does that fit together? Read more

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Digital & New Work {HR magazine}

Newspaper dying and newspaper crisis: daily paper - quo vadis?

While magazines have had to cope with only a slight drop in reach in recent years, the daily newspaper is in an existential crisis. Is actually the last daily newspaper in the year 2034 sold, as a Eichstätter Professor calculated? And is it the Riepl's law, which states that no imported medium ever displaces another, about a hundred years after its formulation ... Read more