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Stefan Häseli Portrait 1_quadrStefan Häseli is a consultant for organizational development. For over 10 years, the University of St. Gallen-certified coach and trainer for management, communication and marketing issues has accompanied well-known companies such as Omega, Swatch, Reader's Digest and the Swiss Post. Awarded the International German Training Prize in Gold, the former cabaret artist and book author is also in demand as a moderator and keynote speaker in German-speaking countries. More information at and

  • The power of clear everyday communication & language: Risk of populism!

    After Donald Trump, the political experts observed very closely how the so-called "populists" fare. In view of the risk, we citizens simply have no words at all. Differentiation instead of simple solutions Too many immigrants or space for more does not say anything about the right proportion. What cannot be easily communicated has no chance - neither in politics [...] Read more

  • Donald Trump & his brand communication: rule the world via Twitter?

    Donald Trump entered the White House as the 45th President of the United States of America. One thing was quickly clear: if the fear of his provocative statements is put aside, a lot can be learned from them in terms of communication technology. Blunt statements In the beginning there was certainly this consideration: whether it is good for the world or how bad it will be [...] Read more

  • Situational lead: 5 tips for leadership from below

    If employees exert influence on the thoughts and actions of their superiors, so that they consciously or unconsciously behave in the interests of their subordinates, leadership takes place from below. The boss also has a boss Most managers have a boss. Although she herself is the head of a team, an office, a department, a plant or a [...] Read more

  • Lead situation-related: 10 tips on management at eye level

    Top-down leadership is not always the best solution. In an increasing number of organizational processes in the economy, other forms of leadership are replacing the classic hierarchy. This is how lateral leadership, i.e. management on an equal footing, can succeed. Change of direction: This is what leadership will look like in the future As organizations have become flatter, the strict hierarchy is becoming less important. At the same time, the network-like relationships win [...] Read more

  • Situation related: 5 Tips for Generation Y Leadership

    Situations in which managers should act and decide correctly are as diverse as the employees affected. In addition to the general conditions of the company, the interpersonal aspect is a decisive factor. Generation Y! The X is followed by the Y - not only in the alphabet. Also in the generation succession. Emancipation, growing prosperity, replaceability of the individual formed the baby boomers (born [...] Read more

  • Performing in permanent change processes: 3 tips for continuous change

    Nothing is as constant as change. What the ancient Greek philosopher Herakles summed up 2500 years ago is still true. With one difference: the change that used to be required from time to time has mutated into a perceived permanent state. In many companies, one change process follows the other seamlessly. Permanent condition "Transitional phase The official name [...] Read more

  • Communication in everyday company life: Flurfunk vs. digital

    The "corridor radio" is an important factor in information logistics in many companies. Quasi in passing, important information is exchanged, passed on or obtained in this unofficial news center. Communication in everyday life: completely-normal-and-just-like. Everyday life determines our life, also in business. When dealing with employees, suppliers and customers, the question arises again and again: How do I communicate correctly? Comes […] Read more

  • Communication in the company & the success of the banal: Learning from speed dating

    Communication is always and everywhere. Demanding conversation situations are one thing. But ninety percent of business life is unspectacular normality. Success takes place in the supposedly banal, where there is often little time to make a good impression. Partial information: the milieu as a defining factor In every form of communication, content is conveyed - articulated through the spoken [...] Read more

  • Leadership Satire: The Sabatical

    Now it is time. That is the last part of our ten-part leadership satire Hannes Managt. And because of the seniority rule, he can go on sabaticals for three months. And also has plans right away. Then I'll be gone ... It used to be common to do without it. That was originally Hannes' plan. Times have changed [...] Read more

  • Leadership satire: Write log

    Monday morning, 08:00 a.m. Hannes is sitting in the office and is preparing for the management meeting. A weekly ritual. Start 08:30 am, coffee at 10 am. Dic Preparation The latter is canceled spontaneously due to the overloaded task list. Official closing 11.45 a.m., in fact never before 12.30 p.m. That's why Hannes approves the coffee prophylactically and leaves his apple between [...] Read more

  • Leadership satire: The new mission statement

    Hannes returns to his workplace. The management has just drawn up a new mission statement. But what does that mean exactly? New mission statement - and now? He spent the last two days in a pleasant seminar hotel in an exam workshop. Participants were the members of the management. They had withdrawn from the hectic everyday life to find a new [...] Read more

  • Leadership satire: Hurray, an employee appraisal!

    It's time! For a long time Hannes no longer likes the behavior of one of his employees. Something has to happen urgently - an appraisal interview, but quickly. Pressure from above The services provided by Mustermann are anything but exemplary, deadlines are kept so tightly that it is often uncertain whether it will work. Otherwise, Mustermann falls above all [...] Read more

  • Leadership satire: further education & training is a must

    Hannes should register his need for further training. Actually he could do without it. But for image reasons you have to do something. If only the decision wasn't so difficult ... The right to further training Monday morning 8 am, there is still one hour left before the management meeting. Hannes has prepared his agenda. No employees are absent, everything is running smoothly in the company. A won [...] Read more

  • Satire: Beware of false friends on social media

    Whether at the top you can quickly get lonely and alone. Maybe social media can help? The first assessment of the situation Finally, Hannes’s company has also committed itself to the 360-degree feedback for staff appraisals. Hannes is relieved. The pressure to only be judged “from above” and by numbers is easing. The social behavior towards subordinates, colleagues and [...] Read more

  • Leadership Satires: The IT User

    Hannes is annoyed. He is sitting in his office at the PC and has to set up the task in preparation for the next meeting in a Word document, format it and, if possible, send it to his colleagues on the management board before the start of the meeting tomorrow morning at eight. Time is running out. Something is wrong here. He writes and writes, his fingers hastily hammering [...] Read more

  • Leadership satire: bikers for self-marketing

    Hannes is worried. A member of the executive board has just been elected who is a few years younger than him. When he is in the morning in the Spiegel considered, it can no longer be denied that it is gradually approaching the 50th anniversary of the hour of its birth. And now? The decision to wrinkles can be smiled away, hair can be darkened with color if necessary, but the steady [...] Read more

  • Leadership Satire: The Speech & The Motto

    "Hannes managt" is a satire from and about the management floors. And Hannes wonders how a manager can get good news from people. How do you proclaim “good news”? Hannes sits listlessly in front of the computer. Time is running out. As CEO of an international industrial group, he has to tell the workforce this afternoon about the unfortunate financial situation [...] Read more

  • Yesterday colleague today boss: conflict as an opportunity

    If incompatible interests collide, a conflict arises. A solution must be sought and found for clarification. It is important to recognize signals and accompany solutions. New perspectives can also open up through the intensive debate in the process of finding a consensus. Conflicts are a must Conflicts are commonplace. They are everywhere where independent people live and work together. [...] Read more