Boris Grundl

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Boris Grundl Boris Grundl Boris Grundl is a non-fiction author, management trainer, entrepreneur, owner of the Grundl Leadership Academy and as a wheelchair athlete Olympian.

After graduating from high school in the year 1984 and serving as a reserve officer at the paratrooper battalion in Calw, Boris Grundl 1986 began studying sports science at the German Sport University in Cologne. At the same time he was a tennis player. In December 1990 Grundl injured himself seriously: In a cliff drop in Puerto Vallarta / Mexico, he broke his cervical vertebra and contracted a quadriplegia, a special form of spinal cord injury in which all four limbs are affected. Boris Grundl, now on a wheelchair, resumed his studies in sports science in August 1992. He also studied psychology at the University of Cologne.

1996 became German vice-champion in wheelchair rugby and 1997 German champion of his class in wheelchair tennis. 1997 was voted the best European wheelchair rugby player, 1999 became Vice European Champion and 2000 participated in the Sydney Paralympics [5].

After working in management and sales roles between 1992 and 2001, Boris Grundl founded 2001, an executives academy in October. In addition to his work as a management consultant and leadership trainer Grundl lectures on the topics of personality development, personal responsibility and leadership.

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