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Stefan Dudas is a business expert for meaning.

The keynote speaker, coach and author humorously and profoundly lays the foundation for new approaches. His “suxess system for meaning-based management” conveys meaning in leadership, communication and motivation. In annual coaching sessions, Stefan Dudas initiates and accompanies real changes towards more meaningfulness in business - and thus also towards a meaning-based life. The Swiss thought leader has a reputation for raising awareness of the meaning in companies and in our society.


Latest posts

Style & effect {Work & life}

Impact instead of meritocracy: solutions instead of processes

Bringing more emotions and meaning into a company is a challenge. Defining a (further) process is not a solution. It must be implemented, which has long been written in mission statements: to see the people as the center. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Innovation needs mistakes and failure: the stony path to error culture

Innovation means for companies to try out new things. But new is also error-prone. Dealing with mistakes is therefore crucial for a successful and innovative future. So companies need a culture of mistakes. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Digital Transformation and Disruption with Values: Back to Human

Can digitization be a question of meaning? Yes, if the technical challenge is considered in context. Proportions and priorities shift if not only a segment of change is seen, but the big picture. It's about the values. Read more

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Digital & New Work {HR magazine}

Work Life Balance: Human vs. Technology - what is important?

Digital transformation, disruptive technologies, change and agility are keywords that the business is currently dealing with. Does the “resource” of human beings necessarily have to change thanks to the rapidly developing technology? Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Sense and happiness in working life: time for the essentials

A look at our everyday life is enough: we have become faster. Always available. Productive in working life. Perfect in private. Well timed, so that everything always succeeds. Time for reflection is not planned. But our life needs meaning. Read more

Best of HR Berufebilder
Success & Management {HR magazine}

Self-love and sense search in everyday business: 2 questions and 6 tips

Many people ask themselves what the meaning of life is - especially in stressful business life. It helps to look at things from a certain distance. What would be if an extraterrestrial would watch us? 2 questions and 6 tips. Read more

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