Here writes: Laura Burckhardt

Best of HR –® Laura Burckhardt has been advising sports and health companies on strategy and communication for 20 years and coaching people in reorienting their careers. Burkhardt was a professional mountain biker and competed in the toughest races in the world as a member of the German national team. She developed her other specialty, communication, through intensive language studies - with several years abroad in France, Spain and Italy. After various positions in journalism, she founded the BurckhardtPR agency in 1999. Through many years of training as a transaction analysis TA consultant, she strengthens companies in their internal structure and their marketing orientation. As a voluntary press officer for the German Society for Transaction Analysis (TA), it is important to her to present the various, very clear concepts of TA. In her private life she is a passionate outdoor athlete and yoga fan.

  • Resolving fears and conflicts using transaction analysis: 5 methodological tips

    Coaches, consultants and therapists love transactional analysis. This psychological concept offers particularly easy-to-understand and pragmatic methods with which conflicts or communication disorders can be made clear and effectively resolved. Attempt at definition. Transaction analysis - definition of the term In the case of transaction analysis, interpersonal relationships - the transactions - are analyzed. So any form of togetherness like Read more

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