Career planning for career entry and transition: How to find the best advisor

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When choosing the right career consultant, it is mainly about one thing: sympathy and trust. A career counseling session is an intensive personal relationship between client and consultant. Inevitably, the consultant learns a lot about you.

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What the consultant does - and what not

If the advisor is good, he will not try to push you to a specific decision - either in advance or in the consultation itself.

Rather, he provides supplementary information and tips, structured with you the decision-making field, helps you to ask the right questions to yourself and to find answers.

Do not let yourself be pushed!

If, on the other hand, you feel that you are being pushed, you should look for an alternative. Because trust is important, it is in the conversations finally to go rather personal questions, considerations, wishes, goals, fears.

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This is only possible if you feel that you can trust. The atmosphere of the room in which the counseling sessions take place is also important - you should feel comfortable there. Only then can the advice accompany your personal decision-making process.

What do you expect from your consultant?

The best adviser does not exist! There is no ranking and no checklist to choose the right advisor according to specific criteria. But: There are many good consultants and some bad ones. And there are some consultants who are more suited to you than others. How do you find these?

It is not enough to simply look for the next career adviser in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. And also the price should not be the selection criterion. A particularly favorable offer can also be so cheap because the performance is rather bad. Conversely, even the most expensive offer is necessarily the best.

Which advice fits you?

If you are looking for commercial advice, you should first of all find out which consulting is best suited to you and exactly define what you expect from a consultation.

In addition, you will also be able to gather information about your past career, and will also be clearer about what you are doing. Many consultants will ask you anyway. In addition, find out more about the possibilities - the better you are prepared, the better the advice will be.

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Ask, ask, ask!

Then you should call different providers and these holes with questions - for example, helps an extensive list of questions. Make your request and the goal of your consultation as accurate as possible.

In addition, you can ask in the friend or acquaintance circle whether someone could already gain experience or search the Internet for press reports on the consultation. You can also arrange a free preliminary interview as soon as possible. This is the only way to see if chemistry is right between you and the consultant.

Absolutely preliminary talk!

In this preliminary discussion, the consultant should clarify with you exactly what your expectations and goals are in the consultation. And he should also tell you honestly what he can and can not do himself. Make a precise statement of the tasks that fall into your responsibility during the consultation and which of the advisors will take over.

In addition, your adviser should explain to you which method to use or how to choose different methods for you!

Checklist: How do I find the best consultant?

In the end, you should choose the consultant who seems most likeable, competent and trustworthy. How to find it, this checklist helps. These questions should be clarified in advance with the adviser on the phone or in a free preliminary talk:

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  • Can I already advise clients to contact for reference? +
  • Does the consultant really work independently from institutions or companies? (If there are signs that this is not the case, you should look for another consultant.)
  • How will the consultation process go? Which methods, procedures and materials are used?
  • How many consultations will be held and how long will the talks take place?
  • What happens at failing dates? Are cancellations possible? How short-term? Do you still charge fees?
  • Is agreed in writing exactly what services and ancillary services (eg aptitude tests and expert opinions or research) should provide the consultant
  • What is the cost of the consultation? Are the costs of the consultation made transparent? Is there a written agreement on costs and lines?
  • What happens if I want to cancel the consultation before all agreed appointments have been made? Do you still incur all costs?
  • Do I have to pay everything at once or in installments? Do I have to make an advance payment?
  • Are consultation and results documented in writing and processed?
  • Is the data recorded during the consultation about me accessible only to the Berter?

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