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  • Dual studies: studying extra-occupational

    Those who want to study nowadays usually apply for or look for a place to study, which they go through until they graduate, and then go looking for a job. In the best case scenario, you have also done a few internships on the side. Does this affect all students? No. A small group stubbornly opposes the scheme F and goes straight to a dual course of study. Education […] Read more

  • What should I study? Job profile! Studies between university and job

    In the past few years, alongside the “normal full-time course”, part-time types of study have come into focus. How practical are these really? Studying as a part-time job is “in” If employees who went on to study after their day-to-day work were still exotic at the beginning of the century, this development quickly changed. The distance learning statistics 2009 show that for the first time the limit [...] Read more