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  • Further education, MBA & postgraduate studies: cost-benefit calculation for lateral entry into the economy

    Starting a career is not always easy for graduates, depending on the field of study. An MBA or postgraduate degree can help you get started. But selection is often not easy. Overview of costs and benefits. What is the MBA and what is it good for? In principle, the MBA is nothing more than the classic Anglo-Saxon master’s degree in business administration [...] Read more

  • Postgraduate Studies: The End of BaföG & Alternatives for Masters

    The regulations for funding non-consecutive and continuing education Master’s and MBA courses, on the other hand, are much more complex than for consecutiveCourses, because a precise differentiation of the individual training phases is very important. Apart from the regulations on the maximum age, it is not important whether you have worked in between. Professional training BAföG according to § 7,1, as a grant and [...] Read more

  • Postgraduate studies: accreditation & recognition of the Masters

    Anyone who has made an initial selection from the offers should now take a closer look at them in terms of quality and content, because the market is quite confusing and in addition to high-quality offers there are also fancy deals and title dealers whose certificates are of course less valuable on the job market. Selection based on hearsay Generally, interested parties are tempted to find a [...] Read more

  • Postgraduate studies: How to find the right Master

    In fact, finding a suitable postgraduate course is like finding the famous needle in a haystack. Because more and more universities are offering interesting-sounding postgraduateCourses for specialized professional areas. Deciding based on personal goals When deciding whether and which postgraduate course you should complete, ultimately only your own personal guidelines will help you. Who in a certain [...] Read more

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