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  • Postgraduate studies: BaföG Master Funding Conditions

    There are several ways to finance postgraduate studies. Probably the best option: BAföG, because here you get an interest-free loan and a grant for certain postgraduateCourses, while for others you only get a full-interest loan. And unfortunately, in order to apply for these grants, you have to meet certain conditions. Master BAföG, on the other hand, is not possible at all, as this is not [...] Read more

  • Postgraduate studies: Minijob next to the Master

    If you complete your postgraduate degree full-time and finance it through a mini-job, but are still covered by student health insurance, nothing will change if you occasionally work as a temporary worker (marginal employment). Marginal employment A marginal employment exists if the employment is limited to a maximum of two months or 50 working days within a calendar year or the [...] Read more

  • Postgraduate studies: Finance the Master

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to say exactly how much a postgraduate course will cost you, because the costs can be very different: Big differences SomeCourses are free of charge, others cost the second course fees of EUR 500-565 per semester that are now common in many federal states. There are also frequent tuition fees at state universities abroad. The offers are far more expensive [...] Read more