The 8 most important aspects in the application: How to get the dream job

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Many questions about job creation are a matter of taste - depending on the individual preference of the staff, decisions can be made or frowned.

The 8 main aspects in the application: How to get the dream job The 8 key aspects in the application

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From practical experience, however, there are some requirements for application documents, which basically apply:

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Errors are a "no-go"


Recruiters read daily a variety of lives. With the help of an experienced scanner, they can immediately notice inconsistencies in the design (eg different line spacing, font sizes or types). In times of automatic spell checking of Microsoft Office and other word processors, you may not experience errors in spelling. The time for a conscientious proofreading of the CV, especially by another person who does not already know the document, should be taken.

The content aspects in the CV are, of course, still more important and decide the ultimate success. Deductions in the "B-Note" in terms of design prevent, however, that the staff is thus unbiased.

2. Content and success


Avoid the mere listing of positions and employers. Of course, the curriculum vitae must be anti-chronological for better orientation. However, the individual companies and positions that have been traded in his career are relatively free to design. Explain what you have done there. Job names alone do not help. Report from "Countable": What success have you achieved? How to quantify your work and results?

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If you are not working for BMW, Google or Telekom, it is worth taking a few facts about the company to provide the unknown name with more clarity. In this way, the personnel can make a clearer picture of your person and your current work environment.

3. Matching: correctly advertising for themselves


In the course of the career, a lot of positions and employers come together. A good CV should not be misunderstood as a comprehensive compendium of working life. You are thus looking at potential new employers. As in the classic advertising for products and services, you should be able to reveal the important attributes of yourself, and the characteristics of you, which are not so popular, disappear in the "side effects".

The analogy to product communication goes even further: Products focus on advertising specific target groups, whose characteristics and needs are known. Your target group as an applicant is the target company. The characteristics and needs arise from the company communication and the job vacancy. Use this approach for your own benefit: What is important to the company and is useful? What do I put in the foreground, what is not?

4. Do not lie


In CVs and applications, it is lied that the beams bend. Recruiters are regularly experiencing more or less successful attempts by applicants to provide their career with a little more sparkle than in reality. If you are serious about applying for a high level, you should never mislead false facts in your documents. Personnel show themselves usually excellently trained and recognize in the process quickly inconsistencies in the presentation of the candidates. Personnel departments routinely check the most important details of the applicants. In addition to delicate questions in the discussion, For example through the contact of former employers, language tests or audits by educational institutions on qualifications.

Do not waste any thoughts on untruths in the application process. Concentrate on questioning: How do I manage to adequately communicate the critical features of my professional career - without lying?

Invest the time into the cunning design of your application documents. Create a perspective for the recruiter that shows what makes you a candidate and differentiates positively from others. Restrain less valuable aspects into the background, but stand by.

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5. Know the contents of your CV


If you do not know your own CV by heart, it can be embarrassing in conversation. You should be able to easily report all the descriptions of the position well beyond the descriptions in the curriculum vitae. Otherwise, you may feel that you are not quite telling the truth - see point 3. The more serious and competent you are in the conversation, if you did not chronologically download your vita. Explain, in a nutshell, a broad thread focusing on your thematic focus, which is especially important to your target company.

6. Take advantage of the opportunity of the application photo


The importance of the application photo tends to be underestimated. In most European countries, people are now applying without a photo. In Germany that is also possible, but not the rule. It is a great opportunity for you to bring personality and individuality into the documentation. Personnel are people who look for other people - including as new colleagues. Of course, a staff member is one Application Having a good photo is much more positive than an application without a photo that creates latent uncertainty.

The danger: a bad photo produces the opposite: high disapproval rate because of the photo. What makes a good photo? It should be a current application photo in high resolution, no private snapshot with bad Handykamera, on which one nevertheless so sympathisch rüberkommt. A simple, modern format with an appropriate background helps as well as clothing and attitude that suits your application level. Googled for modern application photos and get a good photographer to advise you. The investment is worthwhile.

7. The appropriate cover letter


The importance of the application letter is very controversial among staff. For some, it is the decisive place where I can see how the candidate can express himself in whole sentences and how he / she is able to briefly and concisely describe his situation. Others, on the other hand, read it transversely and then devote themselves entirely to the curriculum vitae.

There are, however, clear requirements for a good job application, no matter how the importance of the recruiter is assessed:

Standard fluffing nerves and boredom - make the effort and develop your own, concise statements. Do not just write about yourself, but establish the connection to the company and the position. What attracts you to the position? What is the utility of the company to hire you?

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Do not over-estimate the "cover letter": Do not try to get rid of everything you've ever wanted to say about yourself. Focus on the essentials. Do not be superficial, but take few, exciting details out of your vita. Make the person's desire for more information about you. More is not realistic. A DIN-A4 side is still the limit.

8. Uniform appearance: Online & Offline


Your CV has been competing for several years now through your profile on the Internet. This does not apply to you because you do not find anything on the Internet about you? - Firstly, it is hard to doubt that you can not find anything on the WWW. Secondly, it would be a bad thing: if you are a prospective candidate at first glance, Personaler usually looks into the net to get a first "public" picture of you. Do not come there, it works at best technologie-muffelig. In any case, the recruiter lacks this important impression.

Therefore, it is quite clear that, with consciously designed online work, you should ensure that the staff can get a good impression. Social media offer you the best basis for this. In the search for your person, you land safely in networks such as, Eg XING, Experteer, LinkedIn, facebook & Co., where you can present yourself personally and your professional CV. Show a uniform appearance between your application documents and your online profile, leaving the staff a good and secure feeling.

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