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6 Methods for Business Analysts: More than pin-pin analysis

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What do pins and modern business methods have in common? The authors Ingrid and Peter Gerstbach show this in their book "Basiswissen Business-Analyze" - and give insights into a modern job profile.

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Professional Business Analysis

Business analysis is a relatively young discipline - and yet it has roots that go back to Adam Smith. The present book by Ingrid and Peter Gerstbach gives answers to the most important questions around the topic:

  • What exactly is business analysis?
  • What are the tools and instruments?
  • What do I need to be able to work as a business analyst?

From the pin to the modern method

The authors show Smith's analysis of pinpoint production and its resulting optimization suggestions as the birth of business analysis.

Ingrid and Peter Gerstbach provide comprehensive information in their book "Praxiswissen Business-Analyze".

Insights into a modern career

They show what the profession has today and what it can do. Above all, however, they sketch the craftsmanship and the central concepts of modern business analysts.

The book is very suitable for beginners and, of course, for those who want to develop in this direction. The book is structured along the six central terms for business analysis:

The 6 methods of business analysis

  1. change - why are changes necessary and what are their effects?
  2. Demand - An important term in contrast to the equally important category "requirement", because needs are not easy, they must be discovered.
  3. stakeholder - The stakeholder approach ensures that all those involved in a process, from the employee to the customer, are systematically taken into account.
  4. Kontext - which factors are there - from different interests to the weather?
  5. Solution - Ultimately, the answer to how a need can be satisfied, taking into account the other areas.
  6. Value / benefits - this defines what is ultimately crucial for stakeholders and thus for the success of a project or company (for example, the value of this review: does it help to make prospects aware of whether this book is relevant to them?)


The field of business analysis is far. The book "Basiswissen Business-Analyze" maps this field very well and is suitable as a starting point for all those who want to break into the direction of "business analyst".

Likewise for personnel developers who want to know about the professional image of the business analyst.

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