5 disadvantages of more responsibility, career & salary: dead end transportation

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Transportation & careers bring more money? We have analyzed for you the salary data of selected occupational groups, which are clear from the staff as well as the personnel: It is not always the case that more responsibility must be an advantage.


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More work satisfaction due to higher salary?

Work satisfaction and motivation are usually associated with the level of salary and the value assessment experienced in everyday life by supervisors and colleagues. The amount of the salary is usually understood as a recognition of the performance and should increase continuously through professional experience, job changes as well as concrete successes over the years.

As far as idealism is concerned, there are also good reasons to question this expectation. Both from the perspective of the workforce and the employee's perspective, there can be comprehensible reasons to think twice about a promotion. Thus, there are some professional groups whose career structure offers little salary in the lower and middle range, and are usually stalled after a career gap.

Selected professional examples

The following table presents the salary data of selected occupational groups, which show a dilemma in the employment biography, both from the perspective of the employees and the staff: the tension between transport, increase in responsibility and salary.

In the selected professions, the first level was chosen with professional and / or disciplinary personnel responsibilities to illuminate the real salary advantage. The call centers, care and education as well as gastronomy provide the basis for further consideration. The salary data are from the past 12 months and were provided by the Compensation Partner compensation committee:

Job TitleMedian annual salarymonthly.Addition
Team Leader Call Center




call center agent



deputy head




Educational childrens day



Deputy Head of Department




Nurse / nurses



Laundry line




Housekeeper / in



restaurant manager




Restaurant / -frau



The employee perspective

A team leader position is to be filled and the boss has already someone in the visor, which would fit well. What at first sounds very flattering to the chosen one, however, can, on closer examination, bring more disadvantages than advantages. In all five occupational groups, the next highest level of management assumes overall responsibility for day-to-day business and must help out or step in in the event of a staff shortage.

All professions have in common that high quality standards in the form of health regulations or certifications must be observed and these are sometimes very costly documented. In the case of misconduct or a breach by employees, the lower management level is initially held responsible.

5 disadvantages of more responsibility, career & salary

  1. What many do not consider: More responsibility often means more overtime. Accountability, fluctuation, achievement of the management's goals, which must be met, and many other requirements can be enumerated when the increase in responsibility is considered in its entirety. This increases the stress factor, on the other hand, it also means more work. Often, a willingness to work overtime is assumed, which can be regarded as compensated by the salary levy.
  2. To move out and live well? From the employee's perspective, this can make sense, because many times a new job title is associated with a strong time commitment and an emotional investment, without the salary being equated to the relevant extent.
  3. Financially particularly negative, it can be for the restaurant manager, according to the Compensation partner only a plus of monthly gross 422 € and usually no more tip gets. This example is, however, also a special one since this position is the only one that often provides a switch for the change to self-employment. This financially unsatisfactory situation is often accepted because it serves a further career step.
  4. A second career gap with a significant increase in salary is not really provided for in many other examples, but the curious case can arise that a nurse with a long-standing professional experience has a better credit than a social pedagogy in management. Their salary is determined not only by greater responsibility, but also by the number of children / facilities to be looked after.
  5. Sometimes the knocking out of a promotion or the deliberate decision can be an internal one Application not to send the career far more serve. The liberalized training market offers a large number of opportunities to qualify for extra occupational training, in order to then raise the professional experience from daily business to a new (salary) level.

From superiors perspective

The motives for a promoted promotion can be quite different, even if the main reason is clear: the shop should run and the employee relieve the boss. Nevertheless, a responsible handling of a promotion should take place.

A big risk is to "burn" on a post. Not infrequently, potential candidates draw attention to themselves, which show a high work performance under a strong temporal application. In itself a desirable property - but if there is a lack of concrete knowledge for the fulfillment of the tasks, the overload is preprogrammed.

Employees gently build up instead of burning?

A solid training and accompaniment should be self-evident, however, the boss can give the candidate the more preference - even if this is not the top performer of the team. Because someone who "overlaps" permanently, the long career thirst at a level of responsibility will be difficult.

The best thing to do is to build up a promising employee carefully. An ingenious talent management does not have to be present. Recognition and qualification can go hand in hand when a supervisor thinks about the idea of ​​a project, offers participation in project work, or even grants leave for further training.

The concern that money invested in the employee moves with him is not to be wiped out, but permanently unstable, if job satisfaction, performance and expectations are to be balanced to a reasonable salary development.

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