4 Tips for Tech-Recruiting & Active Sourcing in IT: Search for the Coding-Halbgott

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IT specialists are like professional athletes: the market is small, the demand is enormous, and above all, they provide top performance - just with the head rather than the body. But how exactly is the topathletes of programming? Tech-Recruiting has its own gameplay.

4 Tips for Tech-Recruiting & Active Sourcing in IT: Search for the Coding-Halbgott code-1076536_1920

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What is Tech-Recruiting?


The IT industry is the second largest employer sector after the automotive industry in Germany. And what is Tech Recruiting? In short, it is the recruitment of technology specialists who are very experienced in their field: game development, app programming or software development are based on different programming languages ​​such as Ruby, Java Script or C ++.

These are as different as spoken languages ​​and just as laborious to learn. So if a Company If there is a specific problem in IT, an expert has to work to solve it as best as possible. But these experts are rare and that's exactly what the situation on the job market shows: According to a study by BITKOM, more than 43.000 jobs in the IT industry are free - and the number is rising.

How do recruiters win the "War on Talents" when the candidate is spoiled for choice?

Programmers: not actively searching, but open to offers


Each year, Stack Overflow conducts a global study of the career situation and prospects of programmers and developers. This year's survey with 56.000 participants showed that developers are generally satisfied with their job as long as they are allowed to program undisturbed. But there is already a certain desire for changing the wallpaper: More than 60 percent say they are not actively looking for new challenges, but are open to new things. The old way to post job advertisements online and to hope that the right candidate reports is long gone: the real coding demi-gods one must look for.

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In the view of the developers, the hurdles of a change of job are, above all, to write the cover letter, to hold talks and to find the right jobs for their subject area, which is why a change of thinking must take place: modern methods of tech recruitment are required.

4 Tips for Tech-Recruiting


A proactive approach should be the standard. This is called "active sourcing" and differentiates between different strategies:

  1. Social Recruiting In career networks and social media, headhunters and companies are looking for suitable candidates. This, however, presents difficulties: the ever-same search terms and addictive activities mean that recruiters always come across the same candidates who are overwhelmed by inquiries, ignoring requests, ignoring them, or even completely avoiding the network.
  2. Peer-Sourcing Another tactic is peer sourcing to find candidates with similar characteristics. This is known from online mail order companies: "Customers who bought this product also bought ...". If a desired candidate is found, further suitable suggestions are displayed. Social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing offer this feature.
  3. Active sourcing in communities A proven method is the approach directly within the target group. Recruiters are looking for the appropriate communities and groups in which the target group is located. Because they solve problems together, help each other and write codes. Recruiters observe this and address the appropriate candidates.
  4. Events The classic job fair is still helpful to show the company's presence and to inform about its own company. However, the trade fair is no longer suitable for finding suitable developers. Because good developers are courted by companies and often do not have to actively search for job offers. In addition, it is not popular for trade fairs, but for hackathons, where one or more projects are realized by a number of programmers within a very short time. The developer demonstrates his abilities.

What really counts in the end


Large companies see the potential of active sourcings longer. An American search engine giant shows this impressively in its balances with developers. Recruiting methods include creative measures:

Anyone looking for answers to specific IT questions with the search engine will be forwarded to a page of tasks, depending on the search query. If the developer can solve these code tasks, he has good chances of a job. Thus, the company seeks and finds potential candidates. The same is true for communities: HR managers can describe their problem and target developers after they have found the solution.

The company's own initiative is required


The possibilities are there but require much more self-initiative from the companies. The HR employees, who have been looking for talents with old methods for many years, have to adapt to the new circumstances and methods.

This includes the approach to the search for employees, but also the company culture and the individual advantages for developers. Work-life balance and a good team of other capable developers is absolutely necessary so that the new entry remains and above all motivates its codes writes.

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Reconciling professional and private life is important for developers


The annual stackoverflow study also says: 55 percent of respondents say that the compatibility of work and private life is important to them. The second place is the salary, and the company culture follows.

In the end, the company's own initiative counts to find the right tools to help developers address where they are.

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