4 Criteria for choosing the right vocational training: Is money everything?

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Admittedly, the choice of training is not an easy task for a young person. With an unclear content perspective in mind, for many, the salary is a decisive factor. There are, however, a few factors which play a role in career choice. What should not be forgotten, is what this contribution betrays.


Here writes for you: Susanne Kleimst is an analyst and specialist journalist for German-speaking countries. Profile

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Money rules the trainee world. Please note:

Obviously the salary in education is a crucial criterion for young people to choose for or against a vocational training.

It should not only focus on the monthly remuneration within the training phase, which would be too short-sighted. More importantly, which salaries are usual after successful final examinations.

The best paid training

The best-paid traineeships are steel concrete builders, policemen and construction equipment managers. Here are according to an evaluation in the third year top salary of up to 1.400 Euro monthly possible.

The salary levels during the training differ from this: On average, 689 Euro in East or 751 Euro monthly salary in West Germany is being trained. This shows: Not only the remuneration IN the education is important, but also the afterwards. Not for nothing we recommend Best of HR - Berufebilder.de Company, to enter both salary levels in the vacancy notice.

Money or low stress factor - what decides in the choice of training?

Of course, the salary is important for a young man who is going to earn his own money for the first time. However, the stress factor should also be taken into account when choosing the training profession. Many trainees complain about the stress level in training: over half complain according to a DGB study, The manifestations of and the reasons for stress in education and in work could not be more diverse. Two tendencies are to be briefly explained here:

  1. A clear sign of stress is the insomnia, In a survey, 42 percent stated that they were sleeping badly from night to night. These 10.225 people are only opposed to 5.210 people, who have never suffered from this kind of sleeping problems during their professional career.
  2. One possible source of stress is the demand for trainees and employees who are multitasking to their greatest strength. Only the few know this: Multitasking is usually more curse than blessing, because the disadvantages of this ability are enormous. There are not more tasks done, but only a little concentration on the individual tasks is used. And that means in quintessence: the frequency of errors increases.

4 Criteria for choosing the right vocational training

Also, the stress factor when entering work and professional life should therefore be a decision-making criterion for the choice of training. Because lasting stress makes you sick. To ensure that this does not happen, opportunities must also be found to compensate for the stressful workload. This means in detail:

  1. fun The fun factor can not be ignored even in the choice of the education profession. Of course, a trained professional must also be able to live on their wages. However, it also means that trainees wake up, go to sleep and like to go to work.
  2. How much do you earn later? Whoever wants to have a great role in the choice of the profession of education, is to say that not only the content of the education should decide, but also the salary as a trained professional. In addition, some occupations provide better training opportunities than others. In professional life this means: with everyone further education the salary can also rise.
  3. Be economical Trainees should (financially) make small buns and be frugal. Anyone who reduces the financial pressure by living cheaply and buying cheaply will also cope with a comparatively low salary. The fun in the profession can be an attractive compensation factor here.
  4. training grants Especially for trainees, who no longer have the opportunity to live at home at home, there are other options. There are many possibilities for funding, from the BAföG through the Federal Employment Office to the housing allowance. Thus a possibly low salary can be bridged at least temporarily.

Conclusion: Consider different factors when choosing the training profession

There is, of course, no recipe for the best way of choosing the best way to choose the education profession. However, we have listed some parameters that should be considered. The training profession is therefore not to be viewed in isolation, but in many cases it is much more multifaceted than originally conceived.

The educational content is certainly an important criterion, but it covers only the two to four-year training period. With a view to a successful, professional future, training options should be considered, which in the long term certainly have a positive effect on the salary.

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