2 X 4 Tips for modern office design: Decisive are employee needs!

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How can work environments be designed to increase the well-being and productivity of employees? Successful integration of individual needs is important!

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Susanne Busshart Susanne Bussart Etecture

Susanne Busshart is a Managing Partner in the management of Etecture GmbH.


How to really tie employees to themselves

Talents are the basis of every company - and decisive for company success. It can be a great challenge for employers to hold long-term employees and successfully acquire new talents. The requirements of the employees are very concrete and attractive salaries as well as great company parties are no longer sufficient as an incentive today.

In times of high workloads and growing pressure to perform those are Company attractive, taking the individual needs of their employees seriously. Factors such as health and flexibility are paramount, as employees often spend more hours a day at work than at home. A working environment with a high social well-being factor is contemporary.

Design of working environments for more well-being and performance

The design, structure and furnishing of workrooms has a direct influence on the well-being and also on the performance of employees. Optimum use of space can improve communication among each other, optimize workflows and promote creativity. The creation of a large-scale bourgeoisie is, however, not yet the panacea. Especially in the case of a high number of employees, the general visual and hearing contact on large areas can have a negative impact on satisfaction and productivity.

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Ideally, the work environment should offer a sensible balance of open and protected areas. Such a “room-in-room” concept creates small, productive working environments with many retreat options, but also places that promote cooperation. Both lively and introverted characters should find the environment in which they can work best. Modern office concepts therefore offer the following building blocks, for example:

4 tips for designing a modern work environment

What aspects should be considered in modern workplace design? 4 Tips on how a theoretical concept can look for an employee-friendly office design.

  1. Cocooning areas: Concentrated thinking and telephone calls are best done in acoustically protected places, for example in an alcove or telephone. Such areas reflect the cocooning trend, the desire to be able to withdraw alone or in small groups.
  2. “Village squares”: A central location in the office serves as a meeting place and promotes communication between employees. The village square can also be used as a place for announcements and stand-ups.
  3. Flexible creative spaces: Individually designed, flexible meeting rooms offer a welcome contrast program to the rigid meeting culture and keep your head free for new ideas.
  4. Relaxation zones: Even areas that slow down the working life, for example a roof terrace or a lounge, contribute significantly to the well-being and thus the performance of the employees.

4 Tips for practical implementation: Learning from experiences and adapting environments to individuals

But how are such concepts put into practice? I would like to give you tips from your own experience:

  1. Promote interdisciplinarity: Collaboration in the team becomes better and more fruitful when complementary characters from different disciplines work together.
  2. Promote talents: Not only in training, but also during the whole period in which they are working for you. Especially highly specialized talents have very strong individual needs. And, as experience shows, productivity increases when employees are able to deal intensively with tasks that have innovative power and are fun.
  3. Make it cozy: Employees want to feel comfortable. Therefore create a living space-in-space structure: flexible group workplaces promote communication while individual work places offer retreats for concentrated work. Both lively as well as introvert characters should find the environment in which they can work best.
  4. The eye eats with: You should not neglect the design as well. For example, modern interior designers from Italy and Switzerland as well as from Silicon Valley served as inspiration. Ultimately, the elements that best fit the company and the employees were implemented.

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    2 X 4 Tips for modern office design: Decisive are employee needs! from ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended k41VDGFrlF

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