12 Gift Tips for Christmas: Books by our authors

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Christmas is fast approaching and one or the other may still lack some gifts. Always good comes a good book. We recommend 12 works by various Best of HR - Berufebilder.de authors (Attention: NO ranking).

By the way: You will find an overview of the handpicked recommendations of our editors in our section Editorial book tips!

Here writes for you: Oliver Ibelshäuser is a journalist and owner of the editorial office Text & Vision. Profile
Here writes for you: Simone Janson, German Top20 blogger, appearances in ARD, occasional articles for WORLD, TIME, WIWO, t3n, W & V, makes Best of HR - Berufebilder.de & HR-Kommunikation. Profile

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Our authors: Always good for a surprise!


Many of our authors can be found on national, some even on international book bestseller lists. Reason enough to refer to your books once again in an overview with gift tips.

And we promise: there is something for everyone here. From innovation mastermind Sir Ken Robinson to application pope Jürgen Hesse to introversion expert Dr. med. Sylvia Löhken.

12 blast books from our authors


  1. Always a bang is the books of Innovative thinker Sir Ken Robinson, The author knighted by Queen Elizabeth II shows in "Enthusiastic Life" how to passionately find and live his own individual talent.
  2. This week in ZDF was to see Best of HR - Berufebilder.de-author Dr. Sylvia Loeken, who has made a name for himself as an expert on introversion and extroversion. Oliver Ibelshäuser has her book Intros & Extros discussed here in detail.
  3. The former diplomat & government spokeswoman for Lichtenstein, Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ, has published this year her book "The Art of Gentle Victory: Successful with Diplomacy" - and the name is program: It goes by how to succeed in business with diplomacy.
  4. Also applicants Jürgen Hesse has published a new book together with his co-author Hans-Christian Schrader 2015 - according to Wikipedia, there are now 160 titles or more: The large Hesse / Schrader application manual provides everything you need to know for a successful career.
  5. Anyone who often gets upset about the stupidity of others should go to this book by Professor Dr. Manuel Tusch & Dr. About us : Psychologists are entertaining and insightful in their book "Why do we want thinking does not want to go into our heads", and we ask, among other things, why we think what we think at all? The Psychology book in review by Oliver Ibelshäuser.
  6. But there are also books for the practice - for example, "Happy Sales" by a sales expert Sandra Schubert, also by Oliver Ibelshäuser reviewed here has been. What it's about: Selling - but in combination with the findings of happiness research and positive psychology. So stop the whining and just start!
  7. Also dealing with the subject of sales deals Oliver Schumacher: In his readable title, it is about how to get through in 30 minutes prices. The quintessence of this: Most customers do not want the cheapest performance but they want the right value for their money. So do not lower the prices, but increase the value of a performance increase in the perception of the customer.
  8. The management thinker Anne M. Schüller has been a multiple bestselling author and inventor of Touchpoint Management. Her latest book "The New Referral Marketing" deals with the topic of word of mouth as the number one sales trigger and explains how Company to use this extremely credible form of advertising inexpensive.
  9. Dr. Matthias Nöllke works for the Bavarian Radio and is the author of numerous books on management and communication. This includes his title "power games" on the secret Play in the office, closer lighting by Oliver Ibelshäuser.
  10. Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker worked for NATO among others & is today Managing Partner of Personalberatung Steinbach & Partner. In this capacity, he has dealt with the topic of "Executive Health" and - with a foreword by Father Anselm Grün - edited a book to which I also contributed a chapter. More about Book about health in management can be found here.
  11. Gerriet Danz has achieved something with his book "Neu Präsentieren", which succeeds few - he has set a new standard. And he has made his second edition book even better and spiced it up into a multimedia book - it includes access to professional video training. Oliver Ibelshäuser has the Presentation guide for you.
  12. Katharina Daniels In her published work "Anders Wirtschaften", she highlighted the topic of change management from a scientific perspective. Especially worth reading is the chapter about the new management form Holocracy. More about that new management ideas Katharina Daniels tells in an interview with Best of HR - Berufebilder.de.



Whether it's about personal skills like introversion and extroversion, career advices for presentation or communication, or new leadership models like holocracy, our authors are sure to find what they're looking for!

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    the intros and extros can be found on the noble gift list of @Foto images. - Highly recommended 3fEUnRMz82

  2. Sylvia Loehken

    the intros and extros can be found on the noble gift list of @Foto images. - Highly recommended 0e0ztBqnvF

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    12 Gift tips for Christmas: Books by our authors by Simone Janson & Oliver ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended 6zTdDf96LC

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