11 Seminar Tips for Executives: The Best Chef Trainings

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Whether new in a leadership role, already several years of leadership experience or already an old hare in this area: Leaders have never been trained. If you want to be successful in a leading position, you have to adapt to the constant change of the company and get involved with its employees. Appropriate craftsmanship can be acquired by managers through seminars.

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What should managers necessarily know?

In addition, kursfinder.de, one of Germany's leading search engines for further education, has worked out a survey of 13 training providers with a focus on leadership training courses, which should not be missed on the road to good leadership.

The right communication counts

The basics are at the beginning of a management run the A and O. How to deal with the new function as a superior? How do you position yourself against the former colleagues? How to distribute tasks correctly?

In a basic seminar, the participants learn the basics, how conflicts can be avoided and good communication can work. The latter view the training providers as a foundation to lead employees successfully. Three quarters of all respondents suggest a new approach to communication. The knowledge gained in these courses can be supplemented by specialized courses such as employee and personnel selection discussions.

Identify opportunities in conflicts

Leadership, however, is not an end in itself, but serves the common goal-fulfillment. It is about working as a team and not just taking responsibility for themselves, but also for their employees. The path to good teamwork paves the way for team development, which is recommended by two out of three respondents.

However, conflicts do not remain when many people work together. Different types of human beings meet with each other, different opinions, so that it can also crash at the workplace. Not losing the nerves, it is in conflict situations for executives. How these conflicts can moderate, understand, and even recognize opportunities, provide further training in conflict management, which is advised by more than half of the survey participants.

Deactivate the timer

It is also important for people in a leadership role to be able to delegate tasks to employees. Otherwise there is the risk that they themselves will get out of balance and twelve-hour working days become a habit. Two-thirds of the training providers therefore believe that seminars are recommended for the right time management. In this course, the participants learn to prioritize tasks, to work purposefully, and to beat time thieves.

Responsibility for other responsibilities can only be assumed by those who take responsibility for themselves - for people in a leadership position, this means paying attention to their own personality and promoting it. Three out of four respondents therefore recommend courses on personality development in order to increase the effect in dealing with others and to win the trust of the employees. In addition, when implementing projects, the goal, time and the calculated costs always have to be on the screen. A project management training, which half of the participating training providers advise, helps management executives to achieve their goals successfully.

Two thirds of those surveyed also consider that further training in the field of change management is meaningful, so that the use of new processes, strategies and structures leads to a positive change in the field of change management Company can be achieved.

Listen to the inner voice

Before the responsibility can press a leader can not. Time pressure is part of everyday work - complemented by demanding workflows and requirements that employees put to one. Some leaders can handle this more easily than others, who feel the stressed expectations as stress. How can you deal with stress positively and sustainably without throwing your own life habits overboard? This is what senior executives are learning about in the field of stress management, which is recommended by half of the experts surveyed.

Care is required with all the requirements for managers. Due to the high exposure to which they are exposed, they are considered burnout-prone. In order to avoid stress, they should regularly take a boxing stop to reflect their own behavior, to exchange ideas with peers, to develop new potentials and to think about their own work-life balance. This burnout prevention should schedule everyone. For whoever wants to be successful in a leading position must not only pay attention to his employees, but also listen to his inner voice.

The Best Chef Trainings - 11 Tips:

  1. Leadership Principles (13 Entries)
  2. Communication Training (10 Entries)
  3. Personality development (10 mentions)
  4. Time Management (9 Entries)
  5. Change Management (8 Entries)
  6. Conducting Personnel Selection Conversations (8 Entries)
  7. Stress management (8 mentions)
  8. Team Development (8 Entries)
  9. Conflict Management (7 Entries)
  10. Employee Conferences (7 Entries)
  11. Project Management (7 Entries)

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