10 Naughty career tips for women by Katie Ledger: More effect please!

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Often enough, women should still be diligent, handsome and, above all, unobtrusive - and they will be gladly persuaded by relevant advisers. These 10 tips from a BBC star reporter stand out beneficially from the monotony of wise advice.

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Away with the classic career tips for women

As a woman, have you already been annoyed when it says in the classic career tips again "Women who say their opinion are considered bossy or fussy, so you criticize your boss only indirectly" or "Make sure that your clothes dapper sitting "? Yes? Then you should continue reading.

Because: These standard career tips have had their day. And career tips for women are also different. Namely, cheeky and self-confident. And then suddenly it is no longer about wearing the right clothes for the occasion - but the clothes that fit you and make you feel good.

How do you moderate a talk with David Cameron?

That says one who needs to know. Katie Ledger is a coach, teammoderator, communications consultant and conference moderator. She moderated interviews with prominent politicians and entrepreneurs.

These include David Cameron, Steve Ballmer, Gordon Brown (ex-British PM) and Ursula Burns (Xerox CEO). Katie spent 12 years as a journalist and TV presenter for the BBC, ITN and Channel 5 News and TVB in Hong Kong.

10 tips from the star reporter for successful women

In her opinion, what counts in the job above all the external effect, the famous first impression - and there everyone can do something even with a few tricks. What advice does she give to successful women? An overview of their theses:

  1. Care Your personal brand. Your personal brand - Your BrandYou - exists in your perception by others. Find out more about your image: Search for yourself through search engines such as Google or Bing. So you will find out what is being said about you and what image you present to potential employers on the web.
  2. You are unique. You have a unique set of character traits and abilities. Whether you are a permanent employee or not, always market yourself as an independent entrepreneur who has to maintain your company name. This will help you in your career - and do not forget, the best time to look for a new job is when you already have a job.
  3. You'll find a wide variety of mugs, More important than dressing up is to find your own style and to feel comfortable in your clothes - this makes you feel more self-assured.
  4. Talk to other successful women. The word "network" is on everyone's lips, but what does that mean? In my opinion, it means talking to many interesting women. Women are still too cautious when it comes to making contacts. But who better to talk about your career and your career? development speak, as with other successful women?
  5. Imitate successful women. Work on your own style, but also watch other women. Try to understand the characteristics of successful women and consider how you can build and use similar characteristics.
  6. The first impression counts. A lot of the people have already formed an opinion about you before you have changed their first word with you. Think first about how your opponent should perceive you. Dress appropriately, but at the same time, so that it still corresponds to your personal style - you have to feel comfortable in your clothes! These include, for example, a discreet make-up and not too high heels. By the way, most people pay attention to shoes: so make sure you wear well-groomed shoes. All these little things contribute to your overall picture - and this is more important than your business card.
  7. Talk about your motives and motivation. There are more and more opportunities to exchange and network. So do not waste time on events and talk about yourself, your skills and your motivation. This can open up new paths and help you find your dream job. Remember, however, that the conversation should not become one-sided: try to find out the same about your conversation partners.
  8. Put your strengths in the foreground. Think about what you do well, what you like and what you are proud of. Create a list of these items - all events since your tenth year. We do not change fundamentally after our childhood. But just women have the tendency to focus on the negative aspects of our personality. The list will help you to see you and the world with more positive eyes.
  9. Your profile photo should be professional but lively. Use social networks as your CV in the Internet, where you can gather all information about your career and experience. Make sure you're using a professional but vibrant photo. Private photos, photos with headgear or pictures of the last vacation are not suitable.
  10. Care your contacts. Business networks like Xing or LinkedIn can help you track the activities of your contacts. You will be informed about status updates and you will receive a weekly newsletter containing all changes to your contacts. Use the information to send a short message to friends who have been promoted or who have a new job - the ideal way to stay in touch!

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