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Simone Janson is a publisher, consultant and is one of the 10 most important German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index and Wikipedia. According to DIE ZEIT, she is one of the most important bloggers on career, work and employment. She is also a keynote speaker and advises companies such as Samsung, OTTO and Randstad on HR communications, and she has also worked for various universities and business schools.

The FAZ about Simone Janson: „…gibt gut umsetzbare Tipps, wie man mit weniger Aufwand ans Ziel kommt sich das Leben leichter macht.”

Janson has written or contributed to 20 books for publishers such as Redline Wirtschaft, Springer Gabler, and Bertelsmann, including the multi-lingual bestseller The 110% Lie, as well as several textbooks and university publications. She also wrote regular columns in the print and online editions of DIE WELT and t3n as well as in the online edition of Wirtschaftswoche.

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Book Publisher Best of HR –®

Before founding her own publishing house, she has published more than 20 books and bestsellers at renowned publishers, including the Bestseller The 110% lie, translated into several languages, or Naked in the net. When social media becomes dangerous. In addition, she has contributed to several textbooks and university publications and has given lectures for various universities and business schools.

She has worked as a journalist and columnist for DIE WELT, Wirtschaftswoche, DIE ZEIT, t3n and WundV, among others, and cooperates with FAZ-Fachverlag and Zukunft Personal.

The FAZ and the Federal Press Office about Simone Janson

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... gives easy-to-implement tips on how to reach your goal with less effort and make life easier for yourself.

FAZ zur „110-Prozent-Lüge“

By the way: Simone Janson comes like Helmut Kohl, his son Best of HR –®Author Walter Kohl is, and Daniela Katzenberger (Note the irony of this combination!) from Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim in the Palatinate.

Reach: One of the 10 most important German bloggers

With her blog Best of HR –® she belongs to the 10 most important German bloggers in Deutschland.

Best of HR –® is also according to ZEIT one of the most widely read career blogs with 230.000 reader accesses / month and via 300 authors. In your network you reached up to 2 million users on over 100 social media channels. More about the range below Media-Kit..

TV appearances, speaker, keynote speaker

When she is not working internationally, for example as a speaker, in panel discussions and in TV programs, she lives and works in Düsseldorf. The most important references at a glance (You can find more references in our Reference Index):

Simone Janson can always be seen live on television or during panel discussions. Here are some insights:

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Press contact and photos

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And before? In the years 1995-1998 Janson worked as a freelance journalist for various daily newspapers in the Rhine-Neckar area. These were Die Rheinpfalz in Ludwigshafen, the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung in Heidelberg and the Mannheimer Morgen as well as the business magazine Pfalz of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Palatinate.

Economic magazine Palatinate 7-1997
Economic magazine Palatinate 11-1997
Best of HR –®

1998-2003 war Janson zunächst freie Autorin und später festangestellte Redakteuerin für die Zeitschriften „abi Berufswahlmagazin“ und „Uni“, die von der Bundesagentur für Arbeit herausgegeben werden. In gedruckter Form wurden dabei zahlreiche Beiträge veröffentlicht zu Themen wie „Schnupperstudium Jobnacht und Co“, „Was kostet ein Studium?“ oder
„Wie wichtig ist Team-Arbeit?“

Between 1999 and 2003 Janson worked several times for United Nations Volunteers, the UN Volunteer Program and at several international conferences of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Climate Secretariat, the United Nations Environment Program and the Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), including the 5th World Climate Conference in Bonn in 1999.


Janson also worked for the Linke Medienakademie in Berlin and researched, among other things, an article on state subsidies and alternative financing models for the press, as well as for the Ludwig Ehrhard Foundation. The article on the topic of fair trade via world shops was published by me in Klartext - magazine for social market economy No. 32.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Selected articles and essays

During the study

During his studies, Janson worked for various media and wrote, for example, book reviews:

Der Text „Unpathetischer Blick auf einen Märtyrer der Weltrevolution“ erschien in der Kölnischen Rundschau. Peter Glotz hat die Folgen des digitalen Kapitalismus analysiert. Ein Text, der ebenfalls in der Kölnischen Rundschau erschien.

Best of HR –®

Occasionally she also dealt with classical historical topics - after all, that's what she studied. This review of what the ancient Greeks thought of the ancient Egyptians appeared in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Heidelberg.

occupations pictures

Auch in Italien war sie tätig: In Siena, nebenbei der Geburtsort von Gianna Nannini, einer Lesung der italienischen Autorin Susanna Tamaro beizuwohnen. Tamaro wurde seinerzeit mit ihrem Roman „Geh wohin dich Dein Herz trägt“ auch in Deutschland berühmt. Mein Text über Susanna Tamaro erschien in der italienischen Tageszeitung „Il Cittadino“.

Eine Rezension einer imaginären Autofahrt erschien im „Willi – Stadtmagazin Bruchsal“. Der Text zeigt, wie praktisch Audio-Bücher sind.

Best of HR –®

The story of Popess Johanna became world famous as a novel. Now there is a non-fiction book on the subject that is unfortunately not very convincing. My review was published in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger.

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Exciting, important topic, good book about Nazi Germany and the film industry in the Cologne Rundschau. A review of a new book about Anne Frank also appeared in the Cologne Rundschau.

occupations pictures"
A book series of the scientific bookseller wants to make spirit scientists fit for the Internet. My review has been published in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger.

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