Climate Protection

Our working environment and the world we live must be humane and ecological. That's why we work as a publisher Best of HR –® actively cooperates with foundations and organizations. With everybody Purchase support tree planting, we have already planted 500 trees.

Best of HR –®

What to do about the fear?

Many current developments scare people: digitization, data protection, automation - and of course climate change.

As a publisher, we deal with these issues and the question of how the constant pressure and stress can be positively countered.

Actively shaping the future

Because people and companies have the opportunity, in view of the many changes today, to ask:

  • How exactly do we want to work together in the future?
  • How do we actively shape the world?
  • And what can each individual contribute to it?

Our connection to the UN Climate Conference

In terms of climate, 2015 was established at the Climate Change Conference in Paris after many years of negotiations.

Our founder, Simone Janson, has worked for years on UN climate conferences and witnessed the tough nature of these negotiations.

That will happen if we do not stop climate change

But that's not all: even if all governments keep their promises, which is not the case right now, the Earth can heat up to 4 ° C.

This sets in motion effects that can no longer be controlled. We can already feel the first consequences today: droughts, floods, hunger, wars, waves of refugees - and it will get worse.

Active climate protection

But there is still the possibility of doing something about it: Trees help in the fight against climate change. The world's forests are already enormous CO2 sinks. We need more time to fight climate change! Trees give us this time.

That means: They bind the greenhouse gas that would otherwise heat the earth even more. 1.000 billion trees, for example, could absorb a quarter of the annual CO2 emissions and thus cool our earth by 1 ° C.

Support us

Help us reduce CO2 emissions while planting trees. We donate documented receipts for climate protection in the form of afforestation for climate protection projects.

In addition, we generally travel by public transport, largely refrain from flights and invest in socio-ecological companies. After all, we are partners of the Youth Initiative Young Germans as well as supporters of Entrepreneurs for Future.

Our partner

But that's not enough, we need new forests. We have enough space for that. Around 3000 billion trees are growing today, like this study shows, And there have to be more. Therefore, we donate actively for tree planting to the initiative Plant-for-the-Planet2007 was founded by the then 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner.

Their goal: to plant 1000 billions of trees worldwide. 1.000 billion trees are only 150 trees per person. On the 9. March 2018 sign 30 representatives of companies, NGOs, and celebrities such as Prince Albert II of Monaco and Patricia Espinosa, Secretary General of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) the Trillion Tree Declaration.

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