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We are moved by the idea to make the world of work more human - without constant pressure for efficiency, stress and fear. As Publisher Best of HR -® with podcast, eLearning-on-demand offers and news service we share 15 years of experience with our customers (Samsung, Otto, state institutions). By the Top20 female blogger and consultant Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, Wikipedia .


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In our Academy you can put together your personal eCourse on Demand and download it with worksheets. That's how it's done: In the search function, enter the topic of your choice or select a completed course - maximum 30 lessons. If you want more, please Package 2 book. Now update the page with the article selection. You now have 24h hours, the eCourse as eBook download. Alternatively, we also offer individually supervised eMail-courses or consultant packages.

Best of HR Berufebilder
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Preparing Presentations Make Preparations: 15 tips convince like arguments

Many people find it a burden to have to talk to the public. But presentations help to progress professionally. 15 tips on how to succeed in adverse circumstances. Convincing with good arguments in every presentation Anyone who is able to present himself in an optimally public manner will be remembered by his bosses and colleagues, thereby improving his career opportunities. Provided the speaker can convince his listeners with good arguments ... Read more